Michael Sick

VickI know this is late but I need to rant.

There’s a guy in one of my classes who decides to wear a Michael Vick jersey every chance he gets. Let me give him a few pointers.

First off buddy, how big of a Vick fan can you possibly be? You live in Vancouver for crying out loud. I’m pretty sure Vick wasn’t that big of a hero to you. Sure, he’s a good quarterback, but did it change your life?

Newsflash, there are a lot more better and classier NFL players out there.

Second, did you go out and buy a box of cheap Michael Dick jerseys when he got busted? Why do you have every design? Home, Away, Alternate, whatever. Holy smokes, go find another idol.

Third, are you trying to be controversial? Well you’re doing a good job of it. Controversial to the point where it’s not even funny, it’s just plain stupid.

Lastly, what’s the point of supporting this wanker? Obviously Vick is not a true role model, and he doesn’t deserve sympathy. He apologized but who did that help? I don’t hear the dogs accepting his apology, and as a player in the spotlight, he screwed up big time. Forgive me for judging, but I don’t think Vick is right in the head. Clearly.

As much as the quarterback is getting criticized, there’s no doubt that he will regain a job in the big leagues. Very sad.

What’s next. Is the fool going to walk in wearing a Bonds’ jersey? I wouldn’t be surprised.


4 Responses

  1. Michael Vick is innocent they need to let him play football!!!

  2. even if they don’t get him on dog fighting or gambling, guess what, he’s now been caught with weed in his system. I’m sure that will go over well with league office when he’s looking for reinstatement.

  3. He is innocent, let him play football now!!

  4. I understand michael vick has done alot of things but I still like him… I know what he has done but I just think that he was a good quarterback, and plus I wear my vick jersey to school to and it ticks off many people because they hate vick and they also get mad because I like vick. So when i wear the jersey it is either to tick off the guys at school or just to wear his jersey.

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