New England Patri-idiots

NE PatriotsSo the storied “dynasty” that is the New England Patriots got busted for stealing defensive play-calling signals in their game Sunday vs. the New York Jets, which they scored 38 points against the Jets’ defence.

NFL Commissioner lived up to the standards he’s set for himself earlier this year by fining Patriots head coach Bill Belichick $500,000, the New England Patriots $250,000, and also costing the Pats their first round pick in the 2008 draft if they make the playoffs this season, or their second and third picks if they fail to make the NFL’s second season.

The $500,000 fine is the largest fine ever imposed on an NFL coach, and Belichick is taking all responsibility on the incident. Luckily for Belichick, the rest of the league, most notably the players, are treating this as a humorous incident that they don’t really care about.

2006 NFL MVP Ladainian Tomlinson said, while laughing, “I think the Patriots actually live by the saying ‘if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.” Adding even more fuel to Tomlinson’s upcoming game where his Chargers will play the Patriots.

Other NFL stars, such as Ray Lewis, Chad Johnson and Shaun Alexander, have basically laughed off the incident even though they all think it was cheating. The best part about the whole incident for non-Patriots fans is that the guy who ratted out Belichick is Eric Mangini, a former Patriots assistant, who obviously knew it was going on even before this season.

So this brings up a few questions. First off, how long has Belichick and company been spying on other teams? Are all those Belichick-era Super Bowl rings tainted? Why didn’t Mangini try blackmailing Belichick and maybe get some cash or a couple wins out of the whole deal?

Those are three questions that we’ll never know the answers too, so the best thing to do is kick back Sunday and laugh at the Patriots for getting caught doing what most teams are most-likely doing anyways.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t think at all most teams are doing that. It states in the rule book, before the season started that if you get caught taping the others teams play calling there is a huge penalty.

    The reason why Mangini will not reply, when asked, Did you tape other teams play calling when with the Patriots organization? Is because they have been breaking the rules all along.

    I can’t see any other team doing that. Except for the Jets and the Patriots.

    When Marion Jones returned 3 gold medals for her use of Steriods it was something that should be done for cheating. In fact thats what the Patriots should do too.

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