Notre Dame vs. Michigan – Battle of Winless Teams on National Television

Michigan Notre DameIt’s hard to imagine a better start to the season. Notre Dame is 0-2, soon to be 0-3 and could perhaps even slide to 0-8. If only we could be so lucky.

Even Ty Willingham couldn’t supply the Irish with a haunting eight-loss season. Now Charlie Weiss, the man who could do no wrong in his first two seasons as head man, has a team on the verge of a season that has even Lou Holtz at a loss for words.

For the second consecutive week they will walk into a hostile environment, albeit much of the hostility in Ann Arbor will be against its own team, and again look to be overmatched.

Michigan may also be 0-2 but only as a product of their inability to stop the spread offense. Most people understood that if their defense could not reload, like Ohio State last season, they would crumble under the pressure and waste the senior seasons of Mike Hart, Chad Henne and co.

That said the Wolverines could still win the Big 10, beat Ohio State and win the Rose Bowl by January and Lloyd Carr would have salvaged one of the most tainted seasons in Michigan football history. All of that may not be enough to save his job however.

Weiss on the other hand wasn’t expected to have much success this season. His first two seasons in South Bend were highly publicized as he led Notre Dame to consecutive BCS births but now he will have to prove he can do it with players he brought in himself.

Despite being blown out in both bowl games Weiss has bought himself enough time to get his recruiting classes in and acclimated to his system, a luxury not afforded to his predecessor.

Brady Quinn may be gone but the new golden boy is already among the golden domers. Jimmy Clausen has been charged with leading America’s most popular college football team (Sorry USC, Catholics far outnumber you). It’s a fan base that thinks its team is God’s gift to earth, because to quote one fan, “It is.”

Notre Dame fans constantly put their team on a pedestal regardless of their horrid performances in big games.

Two years from now this team should have the talent to be competing with the top 25 instead of simply beating up on service academies such as Army, Navy and Air Force (show the forces some respect and stop scheduling them). I guess every team gets a few gimmies.

This game usually carries important ramifications and this year is no exception.

A Michigan loss here and they have more problems than just defending the spread. This was supposed to be the year, National Title or bust. But ask Lloyd Carr and he’d tell you bust looks at lot better than this.


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