The First of Many

GamePreseason action began last night as the LA Kings took on the reigning champions Anaheim Ducks.

The Kings defeated the host team by a score of 5-4, with Brian Willsie scoring the game winner. Kyle Calder added two goals, while Gauthier and Moulson each had a goal and an assist.

These two teams will play each other back-to-back in London, England to open the regular season on September 29.

Now I know you’re wondering why mentioning this game is even necessary. Well two things caught my eye.

“Dan Cloutier gave up three goals on 10 shots”

We know one thing hasn’t changed: Cloutier’s inability to backstop any team. Dan played half the game so his GAA comes to a grand total of 6.00. He seems a little rusty and if the Kings want to be able to fight for a playoff spot this year, they need goaltending. Get my drift.

The second thing is this.

“Ducks defenceman Chris Pronger was assessed four minor penalties”

Looks like good ol’ Prongs has a fetish for the penalty box. Excellent news for opposing teams.

Hockey is back. Gotta love it.


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