Intrasquad Injuries

LuongoAre you serious?

Three Vancouver Canucks were hurt at the team intrasquad game today in Victoria.

Roberto Luongo, Sami Salo and Trevor Linden all left with injuries in a contest that was won 4-3 by Team Blue. But who cares what the finally score was.

Luongo took a puck to the throat off of a Brad Isbister one-timer and according to Vigneault, there is no need for concern.

”We’ve seen it before in the past, it’s just part of the game. He’ll be fine in the morning.”

He damn well better or else there will be a lot of unhappy Canuck fans directing hatred towards Isbister. Don’t hurt our saviour, please.

When it comes to Salo, it looks like the injury plague has hit again. He jammed his wrist, and although they will have to re-evaluate on Monday, it appears as though he will be out for a while. Great.

In Linden’s case, he left with a pulled groin, which could be really bad or nothing at all. Once again, re-evaluation is tomorrow.

Preseason hasn’t even started and Vancouver players are already adding to the man-games lost total. What is going on?

In other Vancouver news:

– The Canucks start their first exhibition game tomorrow against the Anaheim Ducks at GM Place

– Vancouver also reduced the training camp roster by sending Marc-Andre Bernier, Mario Bliznak, and Colby Genoway to the Moose, while releasing Chad Brownlee.


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