59-year-old Man to Play Linebacker

Mike FlyntThirty seven years ago, a linebacker named Mike Flynt was kicked off the Sul Ross State University football team.

As a captain of the team he had confronted a teammate he found drinking and smoking. A scuffle broke out and Flynt got the best of his teammate, who ended up hurt because as Flynt told Jim Rome this morning, fighting was “Just something I was good at.” Flynt was kicked off the team as a result.

For the past 37 years he has lamented the fact that he did not get the chance to finish his college career and at a recent reunion the story came up with a former teammate. “I said I thought I could still play so he said why don’t you?” said Flynt on the radio this morning.

Flynt decided to inquire about his eligibility with the university and to his delight he still had one more season remaining.

You see Flynt is no ordinary 59-year-old man. He has been strength and conditioning coach at three major football schools, Oregon, Nebraska and Texas A&M, and even invented and sold an exercise machine. When he showed up at Sul Ross to introduce himself to the head coach and tell him of his plan he ended up in a touch football game with the school’s incoming freshman players. Head coach Steve Wright was impressed with Flynt’s ability and allowed him to come out and play.

So far this season Flynt has yet to play due to a groin injury but he has suited up and will get some game action once he is 100% healthy.

Sul Ross State is a division III university in Texas.


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