Washington Huskies Take Another Step Back to Respectability

Saturday, September 15. Seattle, Washington

74,000 fans, standing, screaming.

There’s no place they’d rather be.

It’s been a while since the Huskies have been on national television or have competed with top teams such as Ohio State but both were the case this past Saturday in Seattle where the Dawgs played host to the defending Big 10 Champions and runner-up to the national champions.

This game symbolized much more than just a regular non-conference game for UW. Not only was it a chance at a 3-0 start and a win over a top 10 opponent, it was their re-entrance into society. The stadium shook on every defensive possession.

Sitting in college football limbo the past few years after head coach Rick Neuheisel was fired UW fans didn’t have much to cheer about. One of the nation’s most intimidating crowds had lost its fire. Saturday was a return to the spotlight for Husky Stadium and for one-half of football the team looked like the real deal.

Washington QB Jake Locker, a redshirt freshman, has the speed and agility of a runningback and an arm that made him an all-state baseball player in high school. He’s a local boy, a product of Ferndale High School near Bellingham. He lead his team to the state championship game in consecutive seasons, UW fans hope he can do the same with their struggling football program.

For one-half of football Locker looked like an all-american, jumping out to a 7-3 lead with a TD pass going into half-time but the Buckeyes are The Ohio State University for a reason and in the second-half the rout was on.

The final score was 33-14 in favor of the Buckeyes. Locker may not have brought a 3-0 start to UW but his athletic ability is unquestioned. On several QB draw plays he made Buckeye defenders, most of whom will be in the NFL, look like a High School team.

There are no moral victories but for that one-half the Dawgs played like champions and Husky fans knew it.

They won’t win a national championship right now and probably won’t be able to compete with USC for the conference championship this season nevertheless there is a reason to cheer again.

The Dawgs are only one big win away from their return to national prominence and Jake Locker will be the man to get them there.


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