Best of the Best: Part I – Top of Their Field

The world of sports has seen a lot of changes over the last hundred years or so. Sports like football, hockey, baseball and golf have evolved in just about every aspect of their sports as you can possibly think of, and most of that evolution has become more apparent in the last seven years.

Not only has sports technology become more sophisticated, but the athletes themselves have taken their respective sports to a whole other level and have raised the bar for the dynamics of sports world-wide.

So let us examine two of the best athletes in the world:

Tiger Woods

Tiger WoodsPurely the best athlete on the face of the earth. The stereotype of pro golfers has changed since Woods came onto the scene towards the late 90’s. In 2000, Tiger took the game to the next level and became the most dominant professional athlete in the world.

This year is no different. He won the PGA Championship in August and dominated the FedEx Cup Playoffs, shooting 22-under par in the final tournament, as well as six other victories.

But what is more impressive than his 81 career victories at the prime age of 31, is how he wins. No matter what style of golf course, no matter who he is competing against, and no matter what tournament, Tiger is the favourite and with good reason.

Never has an athlete been such a physical specimen – Tiger these days looks more like an NFL Cornerback than a golfer – as well as a mentally strong athlete. Tiger has shown it numerous times. When he gets in a zone, and that is usually often through out the golf season, there is no one in the world that can beat him. What makes him such a great athlete is not only his physical capabilities, it is his ability to focus so intently on each shot that he faces.

Combined with a mental psyche, Woods is the best athlete on the face of the earth. Bar none!

Sidney CrosbySidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is the next budding young superstar in, not only hockey, but the world of sports. He is a fierce competitor and has the best combination of hockey skills and vision on the ice. In the next few years, Crosby will become the best athlete in the world. He is just beginning his hockey career and has already racked up 222 points (75-147) in two NHL seasons.

In junior hockey with the Rimouski Oceanic of the QMJHL, Sid the Kid tallied a remarkable 303 points (120-183) in just 121 games over two years.

This past season, the new poster boy for the NHL took home the Art Ross trophy (league’s leading scorer), the Lester B. Pearson Award (player of the year as selected by his peers in the NHLPA) and the Hart Trophy (Most Valuable Player).

The stats speak for themselves on this one. The Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia native has taken hockey and transformed into the best player in the game. As the years go on, he will emerge as the top player to have ever played this game. No disrespect to Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr or Mario Lemieux, but Crosby will become the best.

Like Tiger, Crosby possesses a skill set that is a step above majority of his peers in the NHL, as well as top physical and mental form. Those two capacities of sports have evolved ten-fold in the last 15 years and have helped pave the way for an athlete like Crosby.

There are many other terrific athletes through out the world. Plain and simple, we don’t have that much time to talk about them.

One thing is for sure. As the evolution of sport grows through out the years to come, athletes will become even better – without steroids – and sports figures like Sidney Crosby and Tiger Woods will one day be surpassed. But their contribution to taking sports to the next level will ensure their legacies and immortality in the world of sports.

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