NHLIt looks like the NHL board of governors have finally got it right this time, as they decided to scrap the league’s current schedule format, which consists of just 10 inter-conference games per team.

Because of this format, the tradition of Hockey Day in Canada, which has been successfully going on for a few years now and normally consists of all the Canadian teams playing each other, will now see the Canucks playing the Detroit Red Wings. It just doesn’t seem right.

It also consists of Western Conference fans only being able to see NHL poster-boys Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin once every three years, which is just another reason for American fans not to watch hockey.

Then it has teams playing divisional games 32 times throughout the season, leaving fans sick of seeing the same teams night after night.

What the new scheduling format will be changed to is yet to be seen, but it’s almost certain that all of the teams will play each other at least once next season.

That’s the way it should be.


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