Best of the Best: Part III – Always Remember Those That Got You There

These days, with pro sports being the way they are – wrapped in controversy and more money than anyone can dream of – we tend to forget about the people that got us to the places we want to get to.

Ask any athlete, or ask anyone in general, and they will tell you that without the support of their family members, they probably would not have gotten to where they are in the world. Sometimes, we take it for granted the help, support and aid that our close family members give us as we mature into the world.

In the end, no matter how much money, glory or championships you earn over the course of a professional athletic career can replace the invaluable help that your family gives you. This blog is being written while a family member of mine is in hospital, in the most important of all battles. Our world in sports sometimes seems so trivial when we are faced with the realities of life. For days, months and sometimes years, we can get wrapped up in the controversy and thrill of sports, but when faced with matters of family realities, sports just seems low on our priority list.

But since the world of sports has been used as a way to counter the pain of reality – take baseball following the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 – we should also use all that is good in sports, to help us through the hard times we face in life.

Just always remember one thing: No matter how much money, success or fame you experience in your life – regardless if you are an athlete or not – always remember the people that sacrificed for you and supported you on your way.

That kind of relationship will always be worth more than any amount of money. They are truly, the best of the best.


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