Best of the Best: Part II – What Could Have Been

Michael VickMichael Vick

Wherever you stand on the dog fighting issue there is no doubting his athletic ability. Put aside your hatred for him for a brief moment (as I am trying to do) to recognize how he revolutionized the quarterback position.

No coach has ever been able to harness his talent at the professional level. Being forced into systems such as the west coast offense has shown off Vick’s deficiencies and brought out his fair share of doubters. Had he been allowed to use more of the down-field passing game, his career wouldn’t be marred by poor passer ratings and low completion percentages (let’s not get into the more recent developments).

Vick has one of the strongest arms in the league and he never got to use it. The west coast offense, devised by the mighty Bill Walsh (may he rest in peace), didn’t allow for improvisation. Excuse the poor metaphor but the system put Michael Vick’s talents on a leash.

His time at Virginia Tech was really the pinnacle of his athleticism. He led the Hokies to a national championship game while displaying an uncanny ability to break off big runs in seemingly impossible situations.

To write off Vick’s career after the dog fighting fiasco would be a mistake. Organizations will always take a chance when this much talent is available. Michael Vick, as a running back or even wide receiver, is a valuable commodity never mind that his arm strength alone would be tempting for many teams.

If he never attempts a comeback, few will remember him for his gravity-defying moves or mind-blowing runs but instead , they will remember this scandal that has rocked the football world.

In six NFL seasons (including just two starts in his rookie season and one injury-shortened year), Vick accounted for over 11 thousand yards passing and nearly 4 thousand yards rushing.

Now that’s talent.


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