AP Poll Shafts Kentucky

Andre WoodsonIt happens every year.

The AP Poll gives a group of fans reason to form an angry mob and riot every season.

It’s early in the year and already a mob is congregating in the Bluegrass State.

There is unrest among University of Kentucky fans especially with a basketball team that hasn’t been playing up to it’s potential in recent history.

Now Wildcat football fans are irate, and for good reason.

After beating the University of Louisville in dramatic fashion over the weekend the pollsters failed to move Kentucky above Louisville (UK sits 3 spots behind UL at 21 and 18 respectively).

The real atrocity surrounding this situation is Kentucky’s chances of moving past Louisville in the polls. They are basically over once October hits.

Kentucky will run a murderer’s row of games over the next month facing Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU and Florida in a five-game span.

Louisville, on the other hand, won’t play another team that can challenge its offensive firepower until their trip to Morgantown, West Virginia, on November 8th. Louisville may not lose again until the Wildcats have already lost four games.

Since it’s unlikely Kentucky will finish with a better record than the Cardinals it would take a miracle for these blind pollsters to rank them accurately come season’s end.

Even if Kentucky manages to navigate through their rugged early schedule, they still have to travel to Vanderbilt (which is no ‘gimme’ anymore), to Georgia and host Tennessee for the regular season finale.

Most teams would struggle to finish with a winning record taking on a schedule of this magnitude.

Kentucky will bare the burden of playing to their potential and not being recognized for it.

That’s just life in the SEC. But it shouldn’t be life in the AP poll.

One would think the poll would take into account head-to-head games, however, that does not seem to be the case. Maybe the BCS is a good thing, maybe all those years of damning the computer polls were unnecessary.

After all, the human poll can’t even get it right.


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