U.S. Bonds

Marc EckoGot $800,000 laying around and looking for something to do with it?

Well you’re too late now but if you had been a little more on the ball, you could have picked up the baseball that Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record with, and you could have decided just what the hell you wanted to do with it.

Marc Ecko, head of the urban clothing franchise “Ecko Unlimited,” was the top bidder in the auction for the ball and apparently even he didn’t know what to do with it, so he’s leaving it up to the public.

You’ve got three choices.

Number one, do the good samaritan thing and give number 756 to Cooperstown, because that ball is a part of baseball history and Barry Bonds worked really hard to get it there.

Number two, brand the ball with an asterisk and give it to Cooperstown, because even if the record books don’t show that Bonds cheated to get that record, that ball will always be a reminder.

The last option is to blast the ball into outer space. That ball will then symbolize that the record isn’t real. Heck, maybe it will even go into orbit so it’s always hovering around Bonds’ steroid enlarged melon.

So since you most likely don’t have the eight hundred grand lying around, place your vote at Vote756.com and have your say on what will be baseball history.

Over 10 million people already have.


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