Mike Gundy Throws Some D’s at that bitch

Mike GundyBy now you’ve no doubt seen Oklahoma State’s head football coach Mike Gundy go ballistic on Daily Oklahoma reporter Jenni Carlson.

An article she had written insinuated that quarterback Bobby Reid was soft and yes it was an attack on his character, not quite deserving of Gundy’s tirade but an attack nevertheless.

Putting the ridiculous sound bite aside that will entertain sportscasters for the next decade, the real debate that’s emerged now is whether or not amateur athletes are fair game the way pro athletes are.

Many of the young men in question aren’t even legal drinking age and yet they carry million dollar businesses in university athletic programs on their backs.

It isn’t a fair burden for the athletes but it’s one they have to shoulder considering the free education and under the table gifts available to them (don’t be ignorant, it happens).

In principle there was absolutely nothing wrong with Carlson’s article.

She derived an opinion from what she observed and presented it to her audience.

College football players are rockstars at most schools and this is the downside to their fame. Every little thing thing will be scrutinized by writers and broadcasters from different backgrounds who may not know anything about the athlete.

However, questioning an athlete for not playing through pain as Carlson did is such a grey area in that you can’t feel the intensity of his injury.

In these cases there can be no factual evidence whatsoever that the athlete should be on the field.

Carlson gets herself into trouble there but I can’t find fault in her other observations.

Gundy needs to remember that in this 24 hour news cycle embarrassing moments like these will be overplayed like a bad Nickelback song except while everyone gets sick of the song eventually, hardly anyone will get sick of hearing this sound bite.

You can bet Jim Rome will queue it up once a week for the next ten years. I can only imagine how much fun the local sports radio stations are having with this.

There are times when you want to tear down the walls in anger but you’ve got to tone it down when you’re a head football coach on the national scene.

There are a million other ways Gundy could have gone about this and 90% of them wouldn’t have led to the media circus this has created.

After all, why would you want to give Jim Rome more material?


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