Bigger Nets, Goalies Quit

Luongo NetIt’s harsh but true.

The NHL is thinking about making nets bigger, and if that happens, it just might not bode well with goaltenders around the league.

Yesterday, Roberto Luongo came out and said it.

“If that day comes, I don’t think you’d see me in the NHL,” he said. “I’d rather retire.”

Pretty big comment from one of the biggest name puckstopper in the league.

If the NHL was smart, they should heed Luongo’s words and scrap the whole ‘bigger nets’ brain storming right now. Honestly, it’s unnecessary. There are many other ways to increase scoring, just don’t mess with the nets.

From what I’m seeing, scoring is higher then it was a before the lockout. So what’s wrong? We don’t need baseball scores on the sports ticker.

They’ve tried reducing goaltender equipments sizes, but how much more can you cut down before goalies start falling due to injuries from being hit by the puck in unprotected areas? You can’t put one of the main facet of you’re teams at risk.

They’ve changed rules, improved sticks, and made it more suitable for forwards, wow, maybe they should just eliminate goalies from the game and let scorers go goal-crazy. Wouldn’t that be entertaining Mr. Bettman?

Before they make a stupid mistake, the league needs to think of the consequences. Should they risk losing some of their top goaltenders due to a non-intelligent solution to increase scoring? Sure, the game changes over time, but don’t touch history.

Imagine how many posts Gretzky hit throughout his career. How many more goals would he have scored if the nets were just a little bigger?

Give me a break folks. The nets don’t need to be bigger, and it’s not just because Luongo came and ranted. It’s common sense.

Start being creative NHL, not stupid.


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  1. I think it’d be a shame if they did it. I can understand the current goalie’s having issues with it, too… They ‘know’ where the goal is currently, they’re familiar with it after many years of play and by instinct are aware of it’s size and where they are in relation to it… You change the size, you mess with all current players.

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