McAllister out, Saints f*cked

Deuce McAllister0-16 anyone? The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for the New Orleans Saints, who will now be without the services of workhorse running back Deuce McAllister for the remainder of the season due to a torn ACL.

With all the talk of New England running the table right to the Super Bowl at 19-0, New Orleans may also be on the verge of a rare milestone.

Were it not for two games against the Vick-less Falcons and a charitable schedule that sees them face each NFC west team, 0-16 would be entirely attainable.

Unfortunately the Rams, 49ers and Cardinals aren’t quite what most thought they’d be (crown their ass!).

I’d love to see a winless team and if they were to go winless, or close to it …

What if the Saints were to select Arkansas running-back Darren McFadden with the first overall pick? That would give them an unstoppable threesome of runners (assuming Deuce makes it back from this knee injury) and still no defense.

Vince Young made it pretty clear with his bootleg run for a first down in Monday night’s game that linebacker Scott Shanle had blown an assignment, and that was the general theme of the night for New Orleans defensively.

If this column seems erratic and random, don’t worry, I’m not on drugs, I just feel like I’m high because the New Orleans offense can’t be that bad… can it?

As I was saying, I’d love to see a winless team, who wouldn’t? but the irreparable damage it would do to team-fan relations in New Orleans isn’t worth seeing a team blanked in the win column.

Remember, the Saints were on their way out of New Orleans before Reggie Bush, before Drew Brees, before Marques Colston. Something like that might just push them out the door and as a football fan, I’d hate to see that.

Team movement is worse than K-Fed’s last album and so is the Saints anemic offense for that matter.

Who among us can wrap their head around the lack of production from Brees and co.?

Sure the defense has been horrible, atrocious, insert despicable synonym here, but that was expected.

Recapturing the glory of last season wasn’t going to happen this year but the offense was supposed to at least keep them in games. Never-mind that Deuce McAllister is the battery that powers the offense and ‘OMG we’re screwed without Deuce’, news-flash, you couldn’t do jack all with him in the lineup to start with.

Now Reggie Bush has been charged with carrying the load and moving the chains, something he hasn’t had to do since high school. This season will tell us whether Bush can be a Hall of Fame back or not.

If the Saints are going to snap this losing streak before the first game against Atlanta (which now looks like an intriguing match-up), Reggie will have to run between the hash marks without his trademark dancing behind the line of scrimmage.

I’ve heard far too many ‘Dancing with the Stars’ jokes about his running style to this point, put your head down and earn it.

If he doesn’t, well, at least those Atlanta games will be competitive.


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