Marion Wants Out of Phoenix

Shawn MarionOn the contrary to Grossman’s demotion, this does come as a surprise.

Shawn Marion has come out publicly stating that he is sick of hearing his name in trade rumors, and it’s time for him to move on with his career.

“The Matrix” has been through everything in Phoenix. He was an all-star before Steve Nash, before Amare Stoudemire, and before the Suns were a topic of conversation.

From the Suns point of view, though, this isn’t the worst situation they can be in.

Marion is going to get some serious interest throughout the league. He can get you 20 points, ten boards and some flat out hard work each and every night, and he can guard almost anyone.

It’s no secret that the Suns are one of the most exciting offensive teams in the league, but the problem is that when they don’t have the ball, they’re playing e-fence. That’s right. No D.

With Stoudemire finally set to start a season with no injuries lingering as he has the past two years, that will help out adding to the point total, especially with the emerging superstar Leandro Barbosa coming into his own.

Because of this, the Suns could quite possibly trade for a solid, defense-first small forward that can guard the Kobe Bryants and Tracy McGradys of the NBA. And that could just be the missing piece of the puzzle that will hopefully get two-time MVP Steve Nash that championship ring, which he’s yet to try on.


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