Proposed Rule Changes May Turn Hockey Into Mockery

NHL netsWell the last three days in the world of the National Hockey League have seemed just a tad dismal, wouldn’t you say? Talk about rule changes to increase scoring and the talk of increasing the size of the nets, etc, etc.

Didn’t we already discuss these matters?

The nets do not need to be increased, there doesn’t need to be four-on-four for the entire game and the possibility of throwing shoot-outs into playoff games is just plain stupid.

I agree with Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks. Dare I be so bold as to say that should the nets be increased in size to allow for more goals in a hockey game, I too will resign my post as any kind of hockey writer, hockey fan, or paying customer of any kind to what is quickly becoming a circus sport. Well maybe after putting up with it for a few years, should these rule changes occur.

Lets face the simple fact. Goalies are becoming better. That’s all there is to this. Want to know how gWayne Gretzky Grant Fuhruys like Gretzky and Esposito were able to score so many goals back when they played? The goalies were not nearly as good technically, mentally or athletically as they are today. Today, all puckstoppers are butterfly goalies compared to 15 years ago and deeper into the past when they were stand up goalies. For the record, yes stand up goaltenders are easier to score on because they do not cover as much net.

To increase the size of the nets or any other ridiculous rule changes would be, well, ridiculous. The powers that be in New York and Toronto seem to want to change this game into a goal-scoring extravaganza so the game will appeal to people south of the border. Great that the NHL wants people to love this game, but why change the game people already love, so other people – who do not appreciate it or cherish it like others do – can take some kind of simple interest in it?

Hmm, gain fans who have a slight interest because of a ridiculous mockery of what once was a great sport, or lose the fans that love this game for the excellence and tradition it carries? … Puzzling.

For the regular hockey fan, let us face the horrible truth. All the owners care about is money. Sounds easy enough to understand right? Well, they figure that 20 goals a game every night is entertaining and will bring in the big bucks, meanwhile the great of hockey gets disgraced.

Maybe I’ll try writing for the World Championships of Video Games.


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