Rex Out, Griese In

Rex GrossmanIt didn’t come as a surprise to many people, but Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith didn’t show any love to quarterback Rex Grossman by making it official that he has been demoted to the number two slot on the Bears’ depth chart, moving veteran Brian Griese to the starting position.

Grossman was putting up atrocious numbers and has looked flat out nervous all season long, which really isn’t gonna help his cause, with this being his contract year.

Because of all this, and the fact that they’re missing half of their starting defense, for the first time in a long time, the Bears can’t go into this game with a defense first attitude. Especially since they’re facing John Kitna and the Detroit Lions Sunday, who put up the most passing yards in the league last week.

Sunday’s divisional game in Detroit will most likely decide the fate of the Bears (1-2), as the tough NFC North division has the Lions (2-1) and Packers (3-0), who are playing better football than most would have predicted.

Going 1-3 is a very, very big hole to try and climb out of, especially with the injuries and lack of offense in Chicago.

Don’t count out Griese, though. He’s been around for a while and knows how to get the job done.

But with the Bear’s offensive ‘weapons,’ or lack there of, it’s going to be tough.


One Response

  1. well i thought that it was a stupid idea first of all to take Rex out
    Sure he was having a bad couple games
    but the person who led them to 13 wins last year
    should not just be sitting on the bench
    to a Brian Greise who has not started in a while
    i kno sure, Rex was not the only one that led them to victory last year, they were an amazing team over all
    but hey, taking out rex did nothing good
    in fact i think it made the things much worse if you ask me, because of Rex’s absence, they lost all of the games
    oh beg my pardon. they won i think one was it?
    well anyways when Rex came back in that game, because Greise got hurt…huh…they win?
    i dont recal but he played WAY better than Greise
    hey im not putting Greise down but, i just dont like him as a QB he reminds me of a young Rex.

    the day that rex came back i was jumping on and off the couch
    my dad was pissed off at me but i did not care…i really wanted him to come back
    and i got my wish..
    anyways when he got hurt…i think it killed the team
    i kno i kno they won their last two games….then WHERE WAS ORTON the whole season? when they thought they should bench Grossman?
    he showed a really big game and i think they should get rid of greise and put orton there.

    i kno, im wishing upon stars when i say this, but i think that Grossman SHOULD come back next year
    he is my favorite
    and i dont even want to think that he is going to go to some other team

    i kno i kno they want Mcnabb or who ever they want

    but i want Rex Grossman
    final and foremost

    well yea

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