Dud For Life: Part I – Mark Bell

Mark BellNews coming out of NHL head office Tuesday was that Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mark Bell was reinstated. However, he still has to serve his suspension before playing.

According to Sportsnet, he was “suspended indefinitely Sept. 4 and placed into Stage 2 of the league’s substance abuse program. He had been in Stage 1 of the program since September 2006, when he was arrested on drunk driving and hit and run charges in California.

Bell was arrested after he drove drunk earlier this year and rear-ended a pickup in California. He pleaded no-contest and is going to spend six months in a California jail at the end of the season.

The 27-year-old was handed a 15 game suspension by the NHL.

Fool Factor: The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have their own scandals that degrade their leagues, the NHL does not need foolish acts, such as this, to bring down this sport. The hockey image should not be darken by outside, non-game incidents, and when something like this happens, the NHL should distance itself from it as fast as possible.

Sure, Bell deserves a second chance, but who cares? Toronto doesn’t, they only acquired him as a throw-in from the Vesa Toskala trade. Throw the book at him, NHL. Don’t let him come back into this league, until he takes care of his own problems.


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