TSC Top 25 – Week 5

There’s no reason for pre-season polls other than to give football fiends, such as myself, something to temper their enthusiasm. They only hamper a team’s ability to come from obscurity and compete for the national title. So without further ado I now present the inaugural TSC season opening rankings.

  1. USCToo much talent, too much depth, too much speed, too much …
  2. LSUSee USC (above)
  3. CalThey have playmakers at all the skill positions and if the defense comes around before the USC game, watch out.
  4. Wisconsin Coming into the season this was the best team in the Big 10, what’s changed?
  5. Ohio StateThey’ll be favourites in every game this season but can Tressel guide them to a 3rd consecutive BCS game?
  6. OregonSee Cal (3)
  7. Boston CollegeThey just seem to sneak up on you and I feel like I’m not giving them enough respect.
  8. KentuckyThis is a pipe dream. The offense can play with anyone but the defense will hold them back.
  9. FloridaChamps got knocked off last week but that’s to be expected with so much young talent.
  10. South FloridaLook at me with a straight face and tell me South Florida would beat Florida.
  11. MissouriChase Daniel is the best quarterback in the Big 12 hands down, a win vs. Nebraska will make them a top 10 team.
  12. West VirginiaWith Pat White in the lineup they’re a top 5 team, without him they get upset by South Florida.
  13. OklahomaSam Bradford had this team moving. Was Colorado a minor setback or the tip of the iceberg?
  14. GeorgiaMark Richt is a very underrated coach but they’ve never taken that next step under his leadership.
  15. South CarolinaSpurrior can beat anyone on any week.
  16. MiamiSwagger is back at the U for all the right reasons.
  17. ClemsonTailback tandem of Spiller and Davis gives defensive coordinators reason to be scared.
  18. TexasAs good as Colt McCoy has been, UT would be far more dangerous with a running QB.
  19. Virginia TechConsistently overrated in the Sean Glennon era. Tyrod Taylor will win soon.
  20. Hawaii I’d love to rank them higher but then again, I’d love for them to play someone who matters.
  21. NebraskaBall State nearly took this team down, Missouri will this week.
  22. PurdueShow some love for that ‘other’ undefeated Big 10 team.
  23. Cincinnati All good things must come to an end, expect them out of the rankings very soon.
  24. Arizona StateDennis Erickson will soon recruit enough people with criminal records to compete.
  25. IllinoisThe Williams to Benn passing duo will dominate the Big 10 for the next three years.

26th vote is for Florida State, who beat Alabama and finally made X a factor.


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