TSC MLB Playoff Preview

World SeriesOctober is a great month, let’s face it. Thanksgiving means turkey, Halloween means candy, and the start of the NHL regular season means of course, MLB playoffs!

That’s right. The MLB playoffs have arrived at last. Finally after a long season, there are but eight teams remaining and the hunt for the World Series can begin.

Say what you will about the sport of baseball, and the fact that they play a 162 game – or in some cases 163 – schedule or that the game has been the center for a steroid controversy for a few years now, there just isn’t quite anything like the MLB playoffs.

The atmosphere is electric, new heroes are born and every hit, run, strike out and error is just that much more intense.

So, being the sports experts we are, here are our picks for eventual winners:

NY Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians

Cam’s Pick: New York Yankees – No this isn’t Major League and no Charlie Sheen won’t be pitching against the Yankees as the “Wild Thing“, but this series will resemble that same, smashmouth baseball. Both teams have quality pitching as CC Sabathia had 19 wins, 209 strikeouts in 241 innings pitched, while the Yankees have Roger Clemens. Enough said. But this series will not be won by pitching, it will be won by hitting. Both teams possess outstanding batting through out the line up and both teams have great power numbers, although Yankee Stadium and Jacobs Field are not easy ball parks to hit out of. The Yankee’s offence is just too good and the pitching is more experienced than the Indians, but it will be close.

Hosea’s Pick: New York Yankees – It will finally be the year where Alex Rodriguez won’t choke in the playoffs, after having a MVP year. If the Yankees can solve both Sabathia and Carmon, which is one of the best 1-2 punches in the league, they will be victorious over the Tribe this series. But don’t expect it to be one-sided as this series will go to the max. Ultimately, it’s offense (Yanks) vs defense (Indians), and I’m predicting the hitting will prevail.

L.A. Angels vs. Boston Red Sox

Cam’s Pick: Boston Red Sox – In August, I travelled to Boston to watch a series between the Red Sox and Angels and this will be a Red Sox victory. No disrespect to the Angels because they are an excellent baseball club, but Boston is simply better. Perhaps the big threat that the Angels have in terms of pitching is left hander Joe Saunders. In a game against Boston in August, Saunders went 7.2 innings pitched, giving up just one run on six hits with seven strikeouts. Offensively and defensively, the Red Sox are just a better ball club then the Angels, but who says it can’t be exciting?

Hosea’s Pick: Boston Red Sox – In my mind, this is a no-brainer. The Red Sox are too powerful when it comes to scoring – example Ortiz – and their starters are too experienced – example Shilling – . Sure, the Angels play a scrappy style and is strong on defense, but John Lackey is 1-6 at Fenway. L.A. will put up a fight, but Boston will hit enough long-balls to move on.

Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona DBacks

Cam’s Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks – When spring training began in the middle of February, who would have thought that the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks were going to make it to the big dance in October? No one, that’s who. Well they’re here. However, the edge has to go to Arizona in this series. They competed in one of the hardest divisions in baseball and came out of the NL West with 90 wins. The Cubs, give them credit. They battled hard in a slightly weaker, yet highly-contested division in the NL Central. Yet, there are question marks surrounding their pitching and that may be their one downfall as this series progress.

Hosea’s Pick: Chicago Cubs – When it comes to pitching, the Diamondbacks have the upper hand with Brandon Webb, who is probably the best starter in the series. However, the veteran Cubs will be too much for the defense-oriented, inexperienced Arizona team. Is this Chicago’s year? Piniella will have to utilize his biggest hitters of Soriano, Lee and Ramirez in order to find a way to beat Webb, who is probably the biggest obstacle blocking the Cubs advancement into the next round.

Colorado Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Cam’s Pick: Philadelphia Phillies – This series is probably the hardest to call. Both teams have excellent pitching and offence that can play small ball or hit the long ball. Not only are both clubs evenly matched in just about every aspect, but both teams got on huge hot streaks just to sneak into the post season. The Phillies were 7.5 games behind the New York Mets on Sept. 12 and went on an enormous roll that got them into the playoffs on the very last day of the regular season. Colorado won 14 out of their last 15 games, including a thrilling 9-8, 13 inning defeat over the San Diego Padres for the NL Wild Card. It should be a good series, but in the long run the Phillies will emerge victorious.

Hosea’s Pick: Colorado Rockies – This will be a close series as both teams will mount their strong offenses against each other. To me, the deciding factor will be momentum, and Colorado has just that after finishing the season on a 14-1 run and clinching a playoff spot with a thrilling wild card game. Holliday will lead the Rockies while Rollins and Howard will guide the well-rested Phillies. Colorado had the best defense in the NL as well, and in this series, whoever can slow down the opposing team’s hitters will be victorious.

There you have it, it’s World Series season time and the TSC writers have put their predictions on the table.
You might agree or disagree with the panel, so leave us your thoughts.

Stay tuned for more MLB talk on The Sports Corner as we’re gearing up, along with our readers, on what we hope will be a memorable and exciting baseball playoffs.


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