Helping the Flyers’ Cause

Philadelphia FlyersFor once, the Philly faithful is actually helping their team. And it’s very likely that they don’t even know that they’re doing it.

The Flyers have a lot of pressure on them to bounce back after their worst season in franchise history where they put up a measly 56 points last season, half of what some teams mustered.

But thankfully for the Flyers, the Phillies are in the playoffs, and that’s all the city cares about. They are so into their Phillies that they are putting red dye into the cities fountains, and almost putting the Calgary Flames’ sea of red to shame.

Then there are the Eagles, who are always the number one pro-sports team in Philadelphia.

So Flyers fans, cheer your asses off and do whatever you can to keep the Phillies in the playoffs. Because as long as they’re playing baseball, the media eases off the Flyers and gives them time to breathe and play in a comfortable setting where they don’t have to worry about getting thrown under the bus after they lose two games, or more, in a row.


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