Only in Canada

Luongo MaskOnly in Canada would there be a 500-word front page news story about our goalie getting a new helmet. But hey, this is hockey country.

Luongo, a Canadian, knows how excited the fans would be about this so he wanted to make it extra special and make sure it really brings out the essence of the city and himself.

He sat down with an artist, who specializes in goalie mask drawings for hours tinkering with every aspect of his new bucket, and it looks like he really got it right.

Everything is incorporated, from the two Canucks logos scratched in the ice, the Vancouver city skyline, trees, the actual mountains, and of course what seems to be Luongo’s favourite cartoon character: Johnny Canuck.

He could have just stuck with his vintage mask, like what most people expected him to do, but he knows how important things like that are to Vancouver, and that’s why we love him.

That, and him making 45 saves every night.

More Pictures Here


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