Saturdays are Made for Television

People sometimes ask if there is something wrong with me. Others have said I’m strange or not in touch with reality.

I prefer the term college football fan. And yes I put that down under “race” in the census.

This is a Saturday for people like me.

If you’ve never seen SEC football … I don’t really know what to say to you. Although a few expletives come to mind.

If there was ever a day to start, this Saturday would be it. Beginning with:

LSU vs. Florida

LSU FloridaSkip the wedding, blow off the in-laws, this was the game you needed to see. And then something happened. The reigning champs lost and LSU exuded its dominance over a few over-matched teams. Now popular opinion is turning towards a Boyou-Bengal rout.

LSU is probably the best team in the country, with USC the only other team, who can currently claim otherwise. But they catch Florida at a bad time looking for revenge after an upset loss against Auburn.

That said, the game is in Baton Rouge at night and LSU doesn’t lose in Death Valley at night.

With Gator defensive captain Tony Joiner’s arrest this week, the Tiger offense may be in for a big day. Joiner’s status is unknown and the UF secondary was already too young as it was. Tim Tebow will have to live up to the superman comparisons if they’re going to keep up on the scoreboard.

UF will miss freshman running back Chris Rainey who will need surgery. As good of a runner as Tebow is, he won’t be able to run through LSU without some help. Percy Harvin is going to have to be very involved in the game-plan to keep LSU honest.

So don’t skip the wedding, but make sure you’ve got it recorded just in case (no not the wedding).

LSU should win but I wouldn’t bet on them covering the spread.

Other games of note include …

Kentucky vs. South Carolina

Not bad for one of the SEC under-card matches this week. Steve Spurrior can make this fairy tale end in a hurry for Rich Brooks’ upstart Wildcats. But without linebacker Jasper Brinkley, the defense, which has been solid for the Gamecocks, will be tested by a high powered offense. This is a tough game to call but Spurrior wants to win the SEC east this year and this game will be key to it. South Carolina should win a shootout.

Georgia vs. Tennessee

This is a match-up of two great quarterbacks. Georgia’s Matt Stafford has the arm of a god and Tennessee’s Erik Ainge is the savvy veteran. Tennessee has taken the loss of their wide receivers worse than many had thought they would. If they can control the clock and keep Georgia off the field, they will keep it close. UG’s head coach Mark Richt has an amazing road SEC record and he will again lead his dawgs to a victory.

Missouri vs. Nebraska

Could this be the year Missouri takes the next step and wins the Big 12 championship? A win against Nebraska will certainly give them a stranglehold on the north division. Nebraska, on the other hand, follow the Missouri game with three tough battles against south opponents OKSt, Texas A&M, and UT and could find their season going down the tubes in a real hurry. If there isn’t urgency in Bill Callahan’s practices at this point, maybe there will be when there’s talk of his contract being terminated. Missouri takes the game on the back of Chase Daniel, who is the best QB in the conference.

Virginia Tech vs. Clemson

Every year these two teams are poised for big things, then they fall flat on their faces. Virginia Tech has had to switch quarterbacks and are now building for the future while trying to win today, which usually doesn’t serve the latter very well. Clemson is coming off a disappointing loss to Georgia Tech in which their high powered offense managed a total of 3 points. This game will be a battle of Clemson’s backfield duo (James Davis and CJ Spiller) and Virginia Tech’s future pros at linebacker (Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi). If Davis or Spiller can break off a few big runs, they can keep it close but this is a Virginia Tech team many expected to compete for the national title. The Hokies should come away with a win.

Now for an in-depth look at the Texas-OU Red River Rivalry game, we bring in special-contributor Jenna Kelsey:

Texas OUThe upcoming rivalry game between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma State Sooners has tension running high as both teams practiced hard this week before the Oct. 2nd game.

With both Oklahoma and Texas coming off major upsets in their previous games, this weekend’s match could make, or break, the psyche of the majority of either team’s players.

The game will be held in Texas, Dallas and will begin at 2:30 pm (CT), but who will leave with the big Cotton Bowl win?

The Sooners recently suffered an unbelievable loss to Colorado, resulting in a final score of 27-24, but Sooners head coach, Bob Stoops, is optimistic on the approaching game versus Texas.

According to, Stoops said, “We need to have a great week of practice here going into the game at the Cotton Bowl against Texas this week. Everyone knows what a great rivalry it is. It is always a big factor for us and having a chance to win the Big 12 South and the Big 12 Championship. Each year this is where our goals begin, so this is a big game and a big step.

But when asked about the loss against Colorado, Stoops said, “It is such a long year and we haven’t done much yet. You have to earn that. Maybe how the first four games went, they were thinking ‘this is how we do things,’ but it is not that easy to do it, obviously. It doesn’t take much for things to go wrong. I think sometimes the general public doesn’t get how small of a margin it can take for things not to be executed properly.

In order to regain the previously unshakable confidence of the Sooners’ offensive, and defensive teams, the big game on Saturday is a must-win. Although Texas has always had a strong football team, Sooners fans have never been more confident then they are about the meeting of the two teams this weekend.

Texas-born Scott Rhodes, 52, said, “I look forward to the Texas/OU game(s) all season. I was born in Texas but grew up in Oklahoma, so it’s a really big rivalry even within my own mind. I’ve seen how people act in both states, and when it comes to football in the South, it’s not a sport – it’s a religion.

Visit the school websites for more information on the OU Sooners or the Texas Longhorns.

Thanks Jenna. It’s painful for me to say but I’m taking OU in the Red River game. Texas has looked horrible this year and as unforgivable as OU’s loss to Colorado was, they still have the better team. Sam Bradford was in line for the Heisman if OU had stayed undefeated.

Forget all those games though, the biggest match-ups on Saturday might be California vs. bye-week and Oregon vs. bye-week.

With all the upsets we saw last week, it would seem the best way to stay in the title race would be not to play at all.


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