How Lowe Can Oilers Go?

Kevin LoweEdmonton management announced today that GM Kevin Lowe was signed to a new four-year extension, hence solidifying the next four years of Oilers’ downfall.

Yes I said it. Edmonton is going to be the NHL doormat for the next couple seasons, and don’t act surprised.

The Edmonton Investors Group also acknowledges his stature as a pillar in the community, which brings even more value to this team, this city, and the greater Edmonton community. Edmonton should feel fortunate to have him as our General Manager, and we are thrilled to be able to make this announcement today,” said Cal Nichols, Chairman of the Edmonton Investors Group.

Are you serious? Maybe there was a lack of choices to choose from but I would have thought Lowe sealed his own fate last year.

After messing up the Ryan Smyth era, Lowe was criticized by fans and media from the hockey world. How can he let the face of the franchise go? I don’t think the former Oilers defencemen and coach made the right decision, and the late season fallout proved it.

So following this self-destruction, he went out this past off-season to stir up attention in order to regain credibility. From participating in a blockbuster trade to offering ridiculous contracts to young NHL stars, this 48-year-old made a name for himself, but not in a good way.

Lowe accomplished one thing this summer: he lost respect. And that’s going to be a big difference in the future when it comes to acquiring the right piece of the puzzle on his team.

Oh, I hear the arguments: He led them to the playoffs three times since 2000, he brought them to the Stanley Cup finals in 2006, he helped put together the 2002 Gold medal team.

That’s all fine and dandy, but guess what. It’s in the past. Kevin Lowe dismantled the Oilers, at a time where they did not need it. Some may say that he’s rebuilding the team – which I agree – but the Edmonton owners should realize that it’s time to hand over the reigns.

He added some assets over this off-season, but it won’t be enough to bring them back to playoff contention this year, or the next, and maybe not even the year after. If you’re an Oilers fan, have fun waiting. If you’re a fan of a Northwest division team, you couldn’t be anymore happier.

Big mistake, Edmonton. Big mistake.


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