CSA Needs to Step Up For Canada Soccer

Even PellerudTSC’s first soccer article hits close to home; our home and native land that is.

Canada’s national women soccer team coach Even Pellerud went on a major rant this week, as he criticized the Canadian Soccer Association.

“The sad fact of the matter is we are not professionally running the national teams,” he said. And the sad fact of the matter is that he couldn’t be more right.

Canada’s soccer team is not getting the financial support of this organization and it’s honestly a shame. This country has a great opportunity to grow the sport, but the lack of funding and outside help is hindering the process.

Here are a few downfalls of the CSA:

  • CSA declined a chance to host the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament in Victoria, stating that a lack of money was the reason. Pellerud responded by saying, “I have almost stopped to hope. Deep inside me there is hope but there is no indication of any changes at this time. They have other agendas right now.”
  • These other agendas include finding a new president as association president Colin Linford resigned just before the World Cu.
  • According to TSN, Fred Nykamp, Linford’s choice for chief executive officer, is suing the association after it opted not to go ahead with his hire.
  • Basically, the CSA is currently without a president, CEO and technical director. “The unfortunate thing with the president leaving, it leaves the position open and you leave the people behind to fight for that position. It becomes more political than technical,” said Pellerud.
  • When it comes to the women’s program, the CSA contributes $155,000 to a budget of $700,000. Obviously, that is not enough.

Most of the women team’s funding comes from the Canadian Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, and Greg Kerfoot, a Vancouver millionaire who helped finance a residency program. This means there is added pressure for Canada to qualify for the 2008 Olympics, and to advance far in the tournament.

After a early exit in the ’07 Women World Cup, Canada hopes to rebound as they will begin their olympic training in November. They need support, not only from fans, but also from the CSA.

Hey, here’s an idea. Pellerud for CSA president.

At least he knows what he’s talking about.

5 Responses

  1. I agree with what Pellerud is saying however I think it goes deeper than our national team support.

    In short its’ how the soccer infrastructure in Canada is being developed – or should I say not developed. It could be an easy way out to hire an individual with lots of Technical, Coaching and National or even International prowness.

    We should strongly consider and/or demand the criteria for CSA should be focused on becoming and acting like a business. Soccer registration in this country out numbers hockey on a ration of 3:1.

    With that in mind does CSA understand what is happening with school enrollement all across this country?

    Can the CSA tell us (me) whether or not it has a ‘catch and release’ or ‘catch and retain’ infrastructure model?

    Is the CSA working on the symptoms of the issues or trying to identify the chronic/ acute problems causing the symptoms?

  2. I just believe that if the CSA and soccer in Canada is ran properly, we have tremendous potential to be competitive on the world stage. They have a great opportunity to develop talent in this country, especially – like you said – with the high interest in the sport.

    People like Lenarduzzi in Vancouver and guys like Pellerud is a good start as to who to look towards in order to better the CSA.

    Hosea C

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