Dave Dickenson to Dress Saturday Vs. Esks

Dave DickensonWhat is Dave Dickenson trying to pull, and how selfish can he be?

The Leo’s offense is clicking, and clicking better and more efficiently than it was early in the season when Dickenson was under center, and was repeatedly pulled in favour of Buck Pierce.

Dickenson is obviously announcing that he’s ready to dress because in his mind, he’ll most likely play. News flash, Dave. Jarious Jackson is playing twice as well as Dickenson was earlier in the season, and has finally gotten reigning league MVP slotback Geroy Simon back into his usual form.

With Jackson running the Lions’ offense, he brings a stronger arm, a more mobile presence, and is on the right page with his receiving core.

Going into week 16, the Lions own top spot in the league and have basically wrapped up their chance to host their fourth straight western conference final, so why would Buono even consider playing Double D down the stretch?

All it will do is mess around with the chemistry of receivers and even league rushing leader Joe Smith.

Jarious Jackson has the offense in sync right now – and has two very capable backups in Dickenson and Pierce – and this situation is giving the Lions the best chance to win back-to-back Grey Cups.

We all know how smart Wally Buono is, but we also all know how his relationship is with Dave, which was shown when he started Double D over league MVP Casey Printers in the Grey Cup three years ago, which costed B.C that championship.

Let’s hope he doesn’t make that mistake again, because with this team the way it is, it doesn’t look like there is a team in the CFL that can beat them, especially when the dome is rockin’ with 55,000 strong come conference final time.


2 Responses

  1. Are you really that big of an idiot? Jackson isn’t half the quarterback of Dickenson… And you call that offence in sync? Boooooo!

    I can see that jackson’s less than impressive pass completion ratio of somewhere around 50 percent and all of his interceptions and unimpressive quarterback rating has you a bit confused.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for attempting to write something reasonable!

  2. Hmm..what was Geroy doing when Dickensen wasn’t in there? Nothing. When Dickenson was playing the Lions won their games solely off defence.

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