The Hammer Will Fall

Torre RodriguezThat’s the problem, no one knows what this man is capable of, he fires people like it’s a bodily function!

That line was said by Seinfeld’s George Costanza, referring to the owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner.

It seemed funny on television, but for Joe Torre, the Yankees’ manager for 12 years, it’s become a harsh reality after his team was ousted out of the MLB playoffs in four games by the Cleveland Indians.In any sport, if a team underachieves, the manager or coach gets the pink slip faster than Paris Hilton got out of jail.

Torre is the highest paid manager in professional baseball and he manages the highest paid baseball team in the entire league. But is it Torre’s fault that this team underachieved in this year’s playoffs?

Well, seeing as how Torre cannot control whether or not Alex Rodriguez hits the ball or strikes out, it shouldn’t be his fault and he shouldn’t be fired or not asked to return for next season. And herein lies the problem.

Torre doesn’t play the game. He manages a ball club. How is he responsible for his star players, who are paid way too much for their uninspired performances, and how little they produce? Last time I checked, it was Derek Jeter or Jason Giambi hitting the ball. Last time I checked it was Roger Clemens pitching. These players get paid a lot of money and every single New York Yankees produced not nearly as much as they should have in these playoffs. Yet, their beloved manager will take the fall.

Torre has been the manager of the Yankees for the last 12 years and has been one of the people responsible for this team’s resurgence to a premier spot in baseball. He deserves a lot better than what he got from his ball club this year.

Plain and simple, these overpaid players are simply overrated. Especially A-Rod. His last RBI in the playoffs came in 2004, until he hit a solo home run in the bottom of the seventh inning in last night’s elimination. For a player that makes $25 million a season, he cannot produce in the playoffs. In a world of justice, he would get booted out of his occupation just as quickly as Nicole Richie got out of jail. But this is the world of pro sports, where the owners have more money than brains.

With Rodriguez’s salary, you cannot possibly just let him go and he can’t be fired. For shame. He’s a great regular season performer, but come playoff time, his game and his cocky attitude are kept in check.

It’s a sad situation for Torre. He’s a great man for the sport of baseball, but because his team of supposed star players could not advance in the playoffs due to their own lack of intensity and focus, Torre will lose his job as manager of the Yankees. Meanwhile, his players will go home to their mansion with their jobs fairly secure because of the ridiculous amounts of money they make to, ultimately, lose.

Maybe Steinbrenner should be fired.


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