Yanks Gone; Red Sox the Front Runner

Boston Red SoxNow that the New York Yankees are out, the focus of the baseball world can now focus on something more important than Alex Rodriguez’s terrible production in the playoffs.

Let’s focus now on the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians. This may be the climax of the MLB playoffs in terms of just how good a series will be. Both teams are dynamic ball clubs.

This series will be a battle between highly explosive offences and remarkable pitching.

TSC will do a preview on both League Championship series’ in a few days. But let us talk about the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians and the recognition that both clubs deserve so far, now that the big bad Yankees have been eliminated.

Both ball clubs have lived in the shadow of the Yankees. If you’re a Red Sox fan, well, we all know about the Curse of the Bambino and whether or not the ghost of the Babe had anything to do with the Red Sox being dominated by the Yankees for so many years. But the Sox have always lived in the shadow of the Yankees and now deserve recognition for implementing a gritty, yet entertaining baseball team at nowhere near the price of the Yankees.

Sure, the Sox have their issues with Manny Ramirez due to his lack of work ethic, but the man produces. Up and down this ball club, they produce. From the likes of slugger David Ortiz to rookie second baseman Dustin Pedroia, this team gets results both offence and defence. Their pitching is next to none. Led by Josh Beckett and supported by a cast like Curt Schilling and Jonathan Papelbon, they are the front runners to not only take home the American League Championship, but the World Series.

Cleveland IndiansBut let’s not forget about the Cleveland Indians. They were the ones that dismantled the Yankees piece by piece and spelt the end of Yankees manager Joe Torre and possibly others in that dressing room for the Bronx.

The Indians are a classic example of what patience and young talent can do. Unlike the Yankees, the Indians’ payroll doesn’t pay any individual player $25 million a year. That is what made them effective. The Indians want to win, you can see it in their eyes and how they conduct themselves on the baseball field.

This team deserves credit, and they will give the Red Sox a big test and they will definitely push this series to the limit. That will do the sport of baseball more good to have two young and determined teams, which have a decently sized payroll, unlike the Yankees and their massively inflated egos play.

Another example of how hard work will beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard.


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  1. Wow, Great post.

    Fair to both teams and against the Yankees.lol



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