TSC MLB Round 2 Predictions

Round one is over. And what a round it was.

Three teams managed to sweep, while Cleveland dangled with New York’s hopes before crushing it by winning the series 3-1. At least Torre’s tenure lasted an extra day.

Now we’re onto the Championship Series, where the best will advance to battle in baseball’s glory, the World Series.

At TSC we both made some good picks, and some not-so-good choices in the first round. Picking Boston made us look like we knew what we were talking about, while choosing the Yankees wasn’t as brilliant. As for the other series, Hosea picked the Rockies correctly, while Cam came out victorious by choosing the Diamondbacks. Let’s see how we’ll do in the semifinals.

So, here we go, round two predictions from the TSC crew:

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

Cam’s Pick: Boston Red Sox – This series may be the most exciting series in baseball this year. Both teams have exceptional hitting, exceptional defence and exceptional pitching. Both teams knocked off teams that many thought would be the American League champs so this series will be dynamic, and it will need six or seven games to be decided, which is great for baseball. But the edge goes to the Boston Red Sox. They have better hitting in terms of power and in the confines of Fenway Park and the fans of Red Sox nation, the BoSox power will be given an extra boost. Players like Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz have had pop in their bats through out the playoffs and expect it to carry through.

Give the edge to Boston, but Cleveland is an excellent ball club in their own right and it will be an excellent series to play, and to watch.

Hosea’s Pick: Boston Red Sox – To me, this is a no brainer, Boston will rock Cleveland’s world. In my opinion, the only aspect the Indians have an upper hand on is their pitching with Sabathia and Carmona, but it won’t be enough to contain the Red Sox offence. Ortiz was the big man for Boston in the opening round as he had five runs, while Ramirez collected four RBIs. The Tribe cannot match the Bosox’s hitters, although they did look good against the Yankees.Defensively, Boston is also better and they also have an upperhand in the fact that they’ve been in this position recently, and know what it takes to get the job down. Maybe I’m underestimating the Indians but from what I gather, they are the underdogs heading into this series. As much as many root for the ‘less-likely-to-win’, they won’t have enough to get past Boston.

However, it’s definitely going to make for an entertaining series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner of this matchup eventually claim the World Series title.

Miller’s Pick: Boston Red Sox – I was going to go with the Tribe, after all, remind me again which division has represented the American League in the World Series for each of the past two seasons? That’s right it’s the Central, the toughest division in baseball. I’m prone to put more stock in Cleveland’s 96 wins than those of Boston’s. Say what you will about the drop-off the Twins and White Sox have endured this season, I’d still take them over any of the bottom three in the East. Nevertheless, Boston is simply too powerful. Carmona and Sabathia might each have to go 2-0 to win the series but if the bugs at Jacobs Field strike again, games 3-5 could be very interesting.

With Big Papi hitting a .714 clip in the ALDS, who outside of the big two for the Tribe will pitch to him? At least there’s some new blood in this series and we don’t have to endure another horrid Sox-Yanks game.

Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona DBacks

Cam’s Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks – Oh Boy. Another difficult series to predict. What makes this series so hard to predict is the fact that these two teams finished half-a-game apart from one another in the National League West Division and their season series was entirely too close to decide a clear-cut favourite. But since the flip of the coin is universally official, heads being Colorado and tails being Arizona, we’ll do it that way. Tails. Okay, Arizona will win. But this will be another series full of great hitting and pitching and both teams deserve to have gotten this far.

Both stadium are also home run ball parks and it will be fun to see how pitchers on both teams handle the pressure of being so close to the World Series. But at the end of the day, Arizona will prevail.

Hosea’s Pick: Colorado Rockies – Honestly, this is going to be a tight series. I’m going to first off start with pitching. As much as I like Jeff Francis – good ol’ B.C. boy – I’m going to have to give it to the Diamondbacks, because Brandon Webb is stellar. If GM Melvin starts Webb in three of the possible seven games, it just might be too much for Colorado. Not to mention a double dose with Hernandez starting a couple games as well. As for offence, it’s Rockies all the way.With Holliday, Helton, Atkins, just to name a few, Colorado’s hitting is far superior to what the D’Backs have to offer. When it comes to defense, I’m going to have to once again give it to Colorado. There is no question that rookie Troy Tulowitzki plays a huge part in the Rockie’s great infield success, allow with offensive success.

It’s going to be up to Arizona’s pitchers to help them win this series, but I’m hoping that the Rox can squeak by and compete in the World Series.

Miller’s Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks – Much has been made about the D’backs being outscored by their opponents 732-712. Another stat also making the rounds is their record in one-run games, 32-20 (the reason for the previous statistical anomaly). The D’backs have plenty of young talent but that recent heat wave felt from the NL West wasn’t global warming, it was the Colorado Rockies. Their bats have been as scorching hot as the Arizona sun but in a seven game series the better team shows itself. In this case that team resides in Arizona.

Does it feel like neither of these teams should be here? Could Matt Holliday’s slide heard around the world really propel the Rockies to the World Series? Maybe it is global warming and we’re all hallucinating. Make sure you catch a glimpse of future all-star outfielders Chris Young and Justin Upton.

There you have it, TSC second round picks are made. What do you think? Let us know.

Stay tuned on The Sports Corner as we’re going to keep you updated on the MLB playoffs.


3 Responses

  1. Beckett and Schilling are proven big game pitchers. I don’t see Sabathia and Carmona being better.

  2. I sort of agree, and what I’m trying to get at is that Sabathia and Carmona have the potential, or ability, to shut down Boston’s big hitters. I personally don’t see it happening, but you have to give them credit since they are good. Beckett and Schilling are without a doubt experienced and proven, it’s definitely going to be a good battle

    Hosea C

  3. I have to say, I agree too. Beckett and Schilling have already proven they can shut down the Indians, and Schilling has already been through this before, so he has the upperhand. Carmona, although he can be good, just hasn’t been able to pull through against the BoSox.

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