Shannon Sent to AHL, Trade in Works?

Ryan ShannonThe Canucks sent Ryan Shannon down to Manitoba on Thursday, which confuses many fans and media alike.

Shannon currently has two goals in three games and is one of the better Vancouver players offensively. But before everyone panics, there is a reason.

I’ll give you an honest answer,” said coach Alain Vigneault. “He doesn’t need waivers and we need to move some guys.

Sure, that’s a pretty good explanation but what does Vigneault mean by moving some guys?

AV called out Isbister and Ritchie yesterday, saying that they need to produce and add to the team grit. The defense needs to regroup, and the offense has to score 5-on-5. Something needs to be done.

I think there just might be a signing in the works or a trade about to take place, and Vancouver needs to clear some roster spot first. There is no doubt that Shannon will be re-called soon, but it’s not entirely fair for him to be in this situation.

But that’s how the waiver wire works.

I think a few Canucks players might be on the move soon, following their disastrous defeat to Philadelphia. It’s going to be an interesting few days to see what management does. Sure, it’s not the time to dismantle or cry about the season being offer, but the hump day game was an embarrassment.

Basically, Shannon going down to the Moose sets off a few alarms in the Vancouver organization.


10 Responses

  1. Sets off a few alarms? Whatever. Rick Rypien is on his way back to the Canucks…look for him to play versus Edmonton. He’s on the way.

  2. It’s stupid to replace Shannon with Rypien. We need offense and I doubt AV would use Rypien instead of Shannon in that situation. It’s obviously for a bigger reason then just to recall Rypien …

  3. nope. rypien is on the plane right now. the team lacks emotion; he’ll bring that. my grandma could have scored the goals Shannon scored, and maybe even some of the ones he missed.

    ryp will fire ’em up!!

  4. I’m not saying Rypien isn’t good, but based on play so far, Shannon is better. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rypien got injured again. And I would have rather sent Raymond down to the minors instead of Shannon. It’s a stupid move in my opinion, we don’t need Rypien, Burrows, Ritchie and Cooke in the lineup together, when they basically bring the same thing. Cooke might be an exception. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Burrows being traded away in a package deal.

    Edler also got sent down today.

  5. What? Are you trying to tell me Ritchie hits and forechecks the same way Rypien does? Burrows, too? And Matt Cooke? Not a chance! Rypien is a torpedo on the forecheck, and he’s willing to drop the gloves…and when he does…he never loses. AV wants a fourth line that’s hard to play against? Well, with Rip in there, he’s finally got it.

  6. One more thing…I know what you’re saying about Shannon. He was our leading goal scorer. But when a team gets blown out on home ice and didn’t even challenge the Flyers when they were down 4-1…that team has no heart.

    Bring in Rip for a couple games to inject some life. Can’t hurt.

  7. When Cooke is at the top of his game, then yes, he does inject more life into the team then Rypien does. Just look at last season when Cooke was injured, a lot of life was lost on the Vancouver team.

    Rypien has not wowed me yet. I’m not saying he won’t, and honestly I do hope, that he will be a sparkplug, and maybe even pot in a few goals. I’m just not happy about the fact that they had to replace Shannon with him. I would have rather it be someone else, but it all goes back down to the waiver draft. Having said that, if Rypien does finally play to his role and potential, and not re-injuring himself, then I can see a couple Vancouver players being replaced or packaged via trade.

  8. cooke…lol. mr. turtle?

  9. haha, well, I think Avery has that nickname. When Cooke isn’t ‘turtling’, he’s pretty effective for the team. Plus the Cooker is known to score the big goals, especially in the playoffs.

  10. Rypien also scored today, so…

    But either way, replacing Shannon is necessary, seeing as he’s last in the league in +/-. But I also think that trades are entirely a possibility, although Nonis will wait a bit before pulling the guns. Remember guys, it’s REALLY early yet. There’s no reason to think they’re going to miss the playoffs because they lost 8-2 now. It’s if they lose 8-2 in January-March that you have to worry about!

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