Best of the Best Decided, For Now

New England PatriotsIn what many called a possible Superbowl matchup, New England and Dallas put up one hell of a show Sunday.

But in the end, one team had to come out victorious, and the Patriots did just that.

Led by quarterback Tom Brady, who had a career-best five touchdown passes, the Pats destroyed the Cowboys 48-27. Even though New England trailed in the second half – the first time that’s happened for them all season – they still managed to put up their most points in 23 years.

Brady threw for 388 yards, and singlehandedly controlled the second half. Basically, the Patriots drives after trailing 24-21 were touchdown, field goal, touchdown, field goal, touchdown. Unstoppable.

This game was hyped all week long as it was the battle of the unbeatens. Who was going to be the best in the league? Brady vs. Romo? The questions were all answered Sunday.

Dallas, of course is one of the better teams in the NFL, but there’s no doubt they still have some ways to go before they can be considered the best. There’s at least one team standing in the way.

They just weren’t able to slow down Brady’s led attack, even though the Patriots had two injured offensive players. Plus the Cowboys offence just had no answer after New England scored.

When all is said and done, there is only one thing that matters: New England (6-0), Dallas (5-1).

In order to see these two teams go at it again, let’s start the countdown to Superbowl XLII.


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