Drooling Over 2010

Vincent LecavalierSidney CrosbyDan HeatleyEvery few days, most noticeably after the Canucks lose, I get to thinking about how good Team Canada is going to be when the 2010 Olympics come.

Let’s take a look at how deep this team really is. First, we have the reigning NHL MVP, Art Ross and Lester B. Pearson award winner, Sidney Crosby. It’s flat out scary to think of how good he’s going to be in another three years. Right now, he’s one of, if not the best, passers in the game.

But who is he going to pass to? Well, there’s a few choices.

We could take our “number two center” Vincent Lecavalier (it’s really hard to call him that), who just happened to win the Maurice Rocket Richard trophy with 52 goals, and put him on the right side with Sid. And hey, let’s throw another 50-goal-scorer on the other side, um … Danny Heatley.

But we can’t just ice a team with one line of offence, to win gold you need secondary scoring.

Because of that, we’ll throw the previous season’s MVP in the middle, Joe Thornton. The 92 assist he put up last season should be enough to fulfill the second line center slot.

So who will he pass to? How about Calgary Flames’ winger Jarome Iginla, who hasn’t scored less than thirty goals in six seasons, and already won Gold with Canada in 2002.

But enough of this fantasizing.

Here’s how the Hockey Canada management should put together their/our team to bring the gold medal back where it belongs:

Vincent Lecavalier – Sidney Crosby (A) – Danny Heatley

Jarome Iginla (A) – Joe Thornton – Martin St. Louis

Rick Nash – Daniel Briere – Simon Gagne

Jordan Staal – Jason Spezza – Eric Staal

Marc Savard


Dion Phaneuf – Sheldon Souray

Wade Redden – Chris Pronger (C)

Brian McCabe – Jay Bouwmeester

Kevin Bieksa


Roberto Luongo

Marc-Andre Fleury

Let’s just forget about that whole 2006 debacle, and just get it right this time, Canada


13 Responses

  1. Key here? The offensive focus. No more of this “role-player” garbage. No more of this “we will let the young kids have their chance later” folly. This time around, give the people who can dominate their full piece of cake. And, if someone like Nash is slumping at the time and Tavares is raring to go, I say stick him in too. And let’s not forget that Toews — Mr. International himself — is going to be raring to go by that point in time.

    It would be odd to see Briere off the list. But it could happen in theory, if the younguns step it up by then. And the key is that they should do it this time, instead of pandering to the vets. Give us the most talented lot possible, and let the players worry about the wins!

  2. Yes, there is also the possibility of Turris being able to go too. Canada has many many options, and you are right. They might go with who’s hot at the moment.

    Especially on defense, guys like Letang, Parent, Weber, Russell, etc can step up their game by 2010 and be a very likely pick to be on the team. It’ll definitely be a difficult discussion amongst Team Canada personnel when the time comes.

    Hosea C

  3. Let’s not forget about Ryan Smyth. If this guy can still bring it in 2010, put him on there because he plays a different style of elite hockey. He drives to the net, he can take punishment and can cause defenseman and goalies a lot of trouble. But his skating is marginal and I would only consider him for the team if he is in top shape and is having a banner year.

  4. […] The candidates to play on the 2010 team seem to have a deadly combination of size, speed, skill and intensity. Not to mention that several of the candidates have played for Sutter while on Team Canada before, be it at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships or the Canada vs Russia Super Series in 2007. […]

  5. Lets not forget captain Canada, Burnaby Joe. Super Joe has expressed interest to play until the 2010 season, in hopes of being able to suit up for Team Canada in front of the home town crowd.

    Although, odds are his offensive production will begin to decline (37 year old with 100 points last season, its hard for him not to decline), and his speed will not be that of the rest of his teammates. If Joe Sakic is still in the NHL, he WILL be on this team.

    Think of the Mario Lemiuex of 2002. Slowly on the decline, but still solid enough to make an impact, both on the ice, and in the locker room. If Joe is on this team, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the ‘C’ on his chest.

  6. Yah, we thought of that, but we considered that Joe Sakic will be too old to make the team. However, if he’s not retired yet, he will definitely lead this squad. Also, good point on the fact that he’ll have an opportunity to play for his country in front of his hometown fans.

    Hosea C

  7. I think Joe would be a good, solid choice. He won’t be a liability on the ice, and even if he’s not Super by that point in time he’ll still be able to make an impact as a fourth-line leader. If we have the majority of the team suiting up as super scorers, it doesn’t hurt to have a good captain! (Lemieux is a great example! I don’t think we would’ve won in 2002 without him!)

  8. […] to be salivating over the Olympic hockey that will be present in 2010, so when the Sports Corner did a feature on the Canadian roster, I didn’t even bat an eyelash. Needless to say the Canadians will be a dominant squad, […]

  9. I like the team you put together. I think spots for guys like Nash, Gagne and probably Jordan Staal are up in the air depending on the play of a few young up and comers.

    Let’s not forget about the bruisers on Anaheim like Getzlaf or Perry. Also Richards from Phili

    Savard is totally underated and I’d put him higher on the roster.

  10. top two lines are fine…are will be there for sure…

    nash … spezza … Eric Stall will be there….

    Briere…Gagne…Savard…Jordan Stall….will not….

    Mike Richards…Brendan Morrow…Shane Doan…and Getzlaf will be taken into consideration…

    Dion Phaneuf – Yes
    Sheldon Souray – No chance in hell … look at his +/- ….

    Wade Redden – Doubtful
    Chris Pronger (C) – Yes

    Brian McCabe – No
    Jay Bouwmeester – No

    Kevin Bieksa – No

    I like Shea Weber…Regehr….Phaneuf…Pronger…Campbell….Burns….Keith

    Neidermayer…Will be there if he’s still in the league

  11. and Sakic of course…pending health…

  12. Iginla is 100 percent going to be the captain, no question about it.

  13. Iginla Crosby Heatley
    Levcavaier Thorton Nash
    Gagne B Richards St louis
    E Stall Spezza
    Toews/Stamkos/ Turris/ J Stall/ M Richards for last spot on 4th line and one more player to be used as 10th foward If you want a vetrain presence then consider using players like Karia,Sakic,Smyth,Doan to be 9th and 10th fowards

    Pronger Phaneuf




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