The Shift

On Saturday night, the Sedin twins led the Vancouver Canucks to a 4-1 win over the Edmonton Oilers.

During the second period, one shift decided the game. Daniel and Henrik (and friends) controlled the puck in the offensive zone for 2 minutes and 15 second. Complete domination.

It is now known as: The Shift. So what good would I do just talking about it? Watch it for yourself. Enjoy.


3 Responses

  1. The sad part is that this really isn’t that impressive a shift. Edmonton’s defense sucks. Yes, Vancouver gets a perfect cycle going, and all credit to them for managing it. But they rely too much on their ability to slide the puck around down low, which came back to bite them in the playoffs last year.

    Teams like Dallas and Anaheim aren’t going to be stopped short by Sedin-ish hockey. It will suffice to generate some momentum, perhaps, but it’s far more pleasant to see Nazzy and Morrison finally starting to wing it again. Even if they happen to take a bit to get back to where they were at, the fact that they are thinking inventively is key; Only rapid-fire decisions will beat out the rock-solid Ducks!

  2. How can you justify saying that shift was not impressive? I was sitting there, watching the game from the 5th row behind the net. The Sedins and Kesler, as well as the Canucks defence simply beat the Oilers to every puck and the puck movement was exceptional. Any team, on that shift alone, would have had an incredibly hard time getting the puck from the Sedins before fishing it out of the net.

    That was an exceptional shift, one that not a lot of players, lines or teams can repeat every single time, so give the respect it deserve.

    Cam T

  3. Hey hey hey. I’m a Canucks fan. It was most certainly impressive. And they most certainly were beating them to the puck, and working their butts off. I was completely thrilled to watch it. I felt like the team was meshing for the first time this year. It was the high point of my week!

    The problem is only that I truly don’t believe it would’ve happened against an Anaheim. I think the Canucks are a Cup contender if they can get their teamwork back. That being said, they have to focus on beating the Ducks, not the Oilers. And the Ducks would have beaten the Canucks to a pulp — forget the puck! Why do you think their powerplay was like 1/2000000 against the Ducks? Because the Sedins depend on the cycle to generate scoring chances. They are dominant when the other team gives them room along the boards, but give a Pronger the chance to smash the play into bits with a well-timed hit, and it’s done. The puck is down the ice, and the Canucks are failing (again) to get the puck across the other team’s blue line.

    I wouldn’t care about these semantics except for the fact that I look forward to the Canucks being in a similar situation come spring. And while we can relish our dominance over the Oils, we really do need to set our sights a bit higher!

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