Brent Sutter For 2010

Brent SutterNo, no, there won’t be an election called in 2010.

Having said that, Brent Sutter is not a candidate for Prime Minister of Canada, but he should be considered the prime candidate for the head coach of the 2010 men’s Olympic Ice Hockey team in Vancouver.

Right now, in his first NHL coaching job with the New Jersey Devils, his team is struggling a bit and that is understandable. New Jersey isn’t the powerhouse team they used to be, especially with departure of Scott Gomez and a defensive corps that is virtually unknown to all of the hockey world.

But the reason Sutter has been and should be the number one man for the job in 2010 is not necessarily his success at the NHL level, because the Olympics are not NHL hockey, despite having NHL players.

He should be considered the front runner for the job because of his success in international hockey and how he find ways to motivate his team when they are on the biggest stage in hockey. His coaching style is tough and players that have played for him at the international level have claimed that Sutter is a perfectionist.

Bam! Right there, that should be the big bold statement that says “Brent Sutter is the man for the job!

After the embarrassment of the 2006 Olympics, Hockey Canada needs a perfectionist to coach the men’s hockey team if they want to win again. Canada’s play in 2006 was sloppy and unmotivated and the way Sutter coaches will ensure that the 2010 team is the complete opposite of the disaster in ’06.

Not only is Sutter the right man for the job, but the players that are the front runners to make this team in 2010 are the right players for him to coach.

The candidates to play on the 2010 team seem to have a deadly combination of size, speed, skill and intensity. Not to mention that several of the candidates have played for Sutter while on Team Canada before, be it at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships or the Canada vs Russia Super Series in 2007.

The players that are being considered for 2010 all respect Sutter because he is tough, intense, fair and, most importantly, wants to win and that is what playing for Team Canada at an international competition is all about.

Bottom line: The way that Sutter coaches – from his attention to detail to how he motivates his players – is the best starting point for Team Canada to have success at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.


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