Emery Vs. Gerber

Martin GerberWho’s number one?

Two things come to mind when Marty Gerber is brought up.

First, the guy who got pulled in round one of the 2006 playoffs after two straight losses in favour of the eventual Stanley Cup winning goalie Cam Ward.

Second, the thought of Marty kicking out 52 pucks en route to shutting out the heavily favoured Team Canada in the round robin of the 2006 Olympics. Fifty-two saves against a star-studded offence, while playing behind a defence that was headlined by Mark Streit and Goran Bezina.

So, judging by these two memories, we know that Gerber can be a stellar netminder, but we also know that he can buckle under the pressure of the playoffs.

Ray EmeryYes, Gerber has gotten the Sens to an east-leading 6-1-0 record, but it’s too much of a gamble to leave him in the net, especially if he falters, as he normally does.

Ray Emery brought the Senators to the finals last season, and is a huge celebrity in Ottawa. The guy even signs autographs when he crashes his Hummer.

To keep riding the success of Gerber is just plain stupid, because Emery flat-out won the starting job at the beginning of last season.

And as the old saying goes: You don’t lose your job to injury.


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