AFC Championship Preview?

Tom Brady Peyton ManningThis entry may be a bit premature seeing as how its Wednesday and the “game of the year” isn’t until Nov. 3, but after seeing how the Monday game with the New York Giants and Michael Vick-less Atlanta Falcons was a dud, this entry is appropriate.

Next month, every NFL fan will be treated to a potential preview of the AFC Championship game, as the best quarterback from last year, Peyton Manning, will go against the best quarterback so far this season, Tom Brady.

The Colts and Patriots will do battle and this game will be a big indicator as to what kind of Superbowl chance the Patriots have. So far, the Patriots and Brady have systematically torn apart every defence they have faced, including the Dallas Cowboys, who went into their clash against New England on a five-game winning streak.

That was quickly disrupted by a stingy Patriots defence that allowed just 10 points in the second half against Dallas, which included just one field goal by the Cowboys in the final quarter of play.

A good defence like the one that New England boasts is something that sets up the offence like no other. During a second half in which the Patriots allowed those 10 points, Brady and a dynamic supporting cast of some unknown receiver named Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth absolutely picked apart the Cowboys defence like they were dissecting a frog.

But looks can be deceiving. The Cowboys have allowed 144 points against in six games, while the Colts have allowed just 88 points in five games.

What makes this contest so intriguing is that the two powerhouse offences going up against one another will be a game won by the defence. How? you say.

Think of it like this. Both offences are going to put up impressive numbers. When you have two great passing games and two solid running games going against each other, the numbers are going to go up. Having said that, it will come down to one defensive stand by either club in the late stages of this game to preserve or set up a victory for the other team.

Defensive plays don’t need to be every play of every game, but it’s the big stands in the late stages of a match – after being beaten up by a relentless offence – that usually count for the most.

This game will be huge. Both teams are undefeated so far this season and both teams possess the two best quarterbacks in the league, perhaps in the game of football.

Could this be an AFC Championship preview? Absolutely. So far, there hasn’t been a strong enough candidate in the AFC this year to challenge either of these two clubs for supremacy and this game will go a long way in showing just who will have the upper hand come playoff time.

So on Nov. 3, plunk yourself on that couch, get the chips ready and prepare for the potential battle of the season, because this one is going to be huge.

How huge? So huge that we at TSC had to hype it up almost three weeks before the game. Hey, no different than the Superbowl, right?


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