Best of the Best: Part IV – Never Better

Michael JordanNever in the realm of the NBA will there ever be a player like Michael Jordan. Never.

There will, however, be players that can come close to his talents, but to have all of the tools that MJ had is impossible to duplicate.

Lately, Kobe Bryant’s offensive skill set has been compared to that of the Air Man’s, and rightfully so. Not too many people can put up 81 points in one game and go on runs such as Kobe’s nine straight 40+ point games. But, and that is a serious but, that is only comparing Kobe’s ability to score like MJ, and last time I checked, there’s more to offense than putting the ball in the hoop.

To be a complete offensive player you also need to be able to move the ball, and Jordan has to be considered one of the best passers ever.

You also need to be a leader. And one of the most used analogies of Jordan as to why he is the greatest ever, is that he made everyone on his team a better player.

He knew at all times where his teammates would be on the court, and could always find them. It helps when you have a 45″ vertical so when he’s in the air, he even has time to check out the best way to go about a play.

So that’s his offensive skill set, the best ever, impeccable. That’s what all the kids practice at the playground and that’s what gets teenagers in high school noticed by colleges. But when Michael broke out onto the NBA scene, he knew that to be the best, he had to complete his game, he had to play defence.

He worked at defence harder than anything else, and this created an absolute force, one that only video can actually show.

So many times, in all of professional sports, there will be a young player with full of potential, and an injury comes along and they can just never bounce back from it.

Not MJ, on a few occasions he has suffered serious injuries that he rebounded from, and in some cases won championships after.

And that is what created the best, most well-rounded player in basketball, and maybe even sports history.


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  1. As a fan of MJ, and a firm believer that Kobe or anyone else for that matter, will ever come close to MJ. All I have to say is… Thanks

  2. check out my blog (to all sports fans)


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