Bust It Like Beckham

David BeckhamIn one of the most hyped signings in sports history, David Beckham joined the L.A. Galaxy on July 13

This came just six months after agreeing to a $52-million contract to play in the MLS. Big money for a big superstar.

So what has this European superstar accomplished over in America?

Well, besides showcasing his proper – yet not so much – stunning wife to the other half of the world, and selling tons of merchandise, Beckham hasn’t really done much.

It’s almost safe to say that his soccer accomplishments this year was about as glamorous as Posh’s T.V. show, which got cancelled after the first episode. Now that’s “major”.

His MLS team, coached by former Team Canada bench boss Frank Yallop, is on the verge of missing the playoffs, as they are four points behind Chicago and Kansas City, who are in the battle for the eighth and final post-regular season position. And just like most of the season, Beckham probably won’t be able to help.

Injuries after injuries have sidelined this soccer golden-boy, who has yet to ‘wow’ America. Since joining the team, Beckham has started in two out of three games played in MLS action, while he also started two in another three games played in SuperLiga action for the L.A. Galaxy. In total, he’s played 308 minutes, and has scored one goal while recording two assists. That’s not good numbers for a player earning $1-million a week.

David BeckhamOr if you want to really calculate it, he’s making around $8.5-million per game in which he’s played so far.

Beckham, who is world-wide known for his majestic free kicks, has been out of action since August 29 when he sprained his right knee in the SuperLiga tournament final. Not to mention that he’s been in-and-out of play since June due to a sprained left ankle.

That brings us to Thursday night. Beckham will be available to play against New York, whom L.A. must beat or tie to stay in contention, as coach Yallop might bring him in as a sub. Whether this is a form of morale boost or resistance of messing with the starting lineup, the Galaxy’s decision to put Beckham as a sub means more hype around their team.

They have used Beckham to sell out games, sell out merchandise, and make a name for the league. And it seems as if that’s all this Brit has done.

It’s time for this fragile soccer hero to start earning his pay, and to start playing like he was the best, not a bust.


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