Canucks Need to be Healthy for November

In any normal regular season schedules, teams need to be healthy down the stretch of the last 12 or so games of the season in order to make the playoffs, or gain momentum going into the playoffs.

This is not the case for the Canucks. When looking for the most important part of the Canucks season this year, look no further than November 3rd through November 21st, where over a span of nineteen days, they will play eight straight divisional games, consisting of three back-to-back games, 4 on the road, and 4 at home.

Two against Calgary, two against Edmonton, two against Colorado, and two against the red-hot Minnesota Wild.

The key to the Canucks success last season was their stellar divisional record, which was a measly 2-8-1 before christmas, but climbed back to a Northwest winning record in the tightest division in the NHL.

So if there’s any time to let Roberto Luongo rest that knee in order to get it back to 100%, it’s right now.

They key to winning those games, and the key to all of the Canucks’ season is Roberto Luongo, so he can get back to stealing games for us.


2 Responses

  1. What the heck is with this schedule, lol. 8 games against divisional teams throughout a single month? It’s like they want to make the season series as boring as possible!

    I don’t mind back-to-back games. But to have such an inundation of “rival” games in one month makes them seem so much less … fun! I’d rather two or three big games against Colorado one month, then two or three against the Wild the next. That way, you don’t have to worry about every game being intense. You get breathers in-between the hard-core matches!

    And if you want to cram them all in, why November? Hockey’s still in many ways just getting going then! It’ so much more fun to watch teams really go at it when they actually are in playing shape! 😛

  2. As we all know, NHL schedule-makers blow.

    It’s the same old same story every year, but at least they’re changing the format next season. Score.

    Hosea C

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