Quick Fact of the Day

Why is the world’s most popular sports drink called Gatorade? Simple.

Try playing Divison 1A NCAA football in Gainesville, Florida, one of the hottest places on earth where football is actually played.

When playing in the extreme heat, water isn’t good enough, so the University of Florida got it’s scientists to create a drink that was better than water, something to help their beloved Gators gain an advantage over their water-drinking opponents.

And Gatorade was born.

Tiger Woods now owes his new contract to some scientists in Florida.

2 Responses

  1. […] from endorsements alone (thank you Nike), because he just signed a new $100-million deal with Gatorade, which will bring into circulation its second athlete driven flavour, Gatorade […]

  2. Surprisingly, I actually knew that. I also know that Gatorade is great for things outside of sports. Any time you are dealing with hot circumstances and hard work, the Gator is great for renewing your salt levels that are lowered by sweating. Shingling a roof one day, I guzzled back a good half-dozen of the things to go along with my droves of water.

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