Tiger Prefers Gatorade Over Powerade

Tiger WoodsApparently Tiger Woods has spent the previous $710-million he’s made over his pro career from endorsements alone (thank you Nike), because he just signed a new $100-million deal with Gatorade, which will bring into circulation its second athlete driven flavour, Gatorade Tiger.

It’s going to be interesting in how they market this, as Gatorade didn’t really do much as to advertising Sidney Crosby’s “Formula 87,” which I don’t think was even sold south of the border.

The best way to market this is probably to take the golf route on it, and sell it as a way to help golfers excel in the heat.

Signing Tiger was a great decision by Gatorade, though, as he is up there as one of the most recognized athletes in the world, and playing golf, where there is little to no risk of career ending injuries, he’ll be on the scene for at least another 20 years.

Look what Tiger did for Nike. In the world of golf, nobody would of ever thought of buying a set of Nike irons before Tiger came along. Now it’s one of the most popular brands in the sport.

Gatorade Tiger is going to be successful right off the bat. Everyone will want to try it, but the only thing that will keep people buying it is if it actually tastes good.

There’s no chance anyone would drink a disgusting drink just because they’re favourite golfer is on the label.

All this really is, is a way to introduce a new flavour of Gatorade, and putting Tiger beside it is the best possible way to get people to buy it.


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