BCS Predictions at Mid-Season

It’s time to take a look at who’s going to be making plans this holiday season and who will be spending it with family. The way this season has gone, you can throw these predictions out the window by the middle of November.

Rose Bowl – Oregon vs. Texas

Oregon’s bid to the Rose hinges on this week’s game with USC. Texas won’t have much more of a challenge remaining this season and won’t have to play in the Big 12 title game due to their loss to OU. The way these two teams go up and down the field, and the way Texas has represented themselves in Pasadena for past Rose Bowls will make this an easy pick.

Fiesta Bowl – Oklahoma vs. Hawaii

Assuming Hawaii goes undefeated and OU wins the Big 12 this is a shoe in. Especially the way Boise and OU played last season.

Sugar Bowl – West Virginia vs. Kentucky

The Big East might finish the year with two one-loss schools and this match-up is enticing due to their geographical proximity. The two haven’t played since the 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl, a 20-16 Mountaineer victory. The two high powered offenses and all the speed on the field will make this one a fun indoor game.

Orange Bowl – Virginia Tech vs. South Florida

If South Florida can go the rest of the way without another loss, the Orange Bowl has to take them. The other big Florida schools have had their shot in the Orange Bowl, now it’s USF’s turn. Tech should be able to take the ACC championship without much of a challenge.

National Championship game – Ohio State vs. LSU

LSU is going to be hard pressed to get here. Alabama looks like a major obstacle and the SEC title game, if they get there, may be a rematch against a hungry Florida team. Ohio State, on the other hand, looks like the class of the Big 10 and if they can keep Michigan at bay for one more year, maybe they can avenge their destruction by an SEC foe in last year’s title game.

In case you didn’t know the BCS tie-ins …

The Pac-10 and Big 10 champions go to the Rose Bowl, the SEC champion goes to the Sugar Bowl, the Big 12 champion goes to the Fiesta Bowl and the ACC champion goes to the Orange Bowl. The Big East champion is also guaranteed a spot in the BCS but has no official tie-in. Hawaii is guaranteed a spot as long as it finishes in the top 12 of the BCS or in the top 16 while finishing higher than one of the conference champions.

According to College Football News, the order for these bowls picking teams goes Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, Rose this season. But whoever loses the number one seed to the national title game gets first pick while second pick goes to whoever loses the second seed.


One Response

  1. Pat White played Amazing…

    “White finished with 150 yards on 20 rushes, including a 42-yarder that was one of six Mountaineer plays from scrimmage of 30 or more yards. He also was 10-of-19 passing, including a WVU bowl-record 79-yarder to Tito Gonzales.”
    From a Pat White Website.

    It was a great shootout for a while there.


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