Patriots vs. Redskins preview

Last week there was reason for some to suspect the Miami Dolphins may beat the New England Patriots.

The reason you ask? A winless Dolphins team took apart the Patriots a few years ago in a similar situation. This, of course, took place in the days of parity. When an NFL team could win on any given Sunday. Those days are over for now. The Colts and Patriots are reigning supreme.

But I’m here to warn the nation of a real threat to the New England Patriots … The Washington Redskins.

The skins visit the Pats this weekend and, believe it or not, actually match up favorably with the Patriots spread attack.

Think about this secondary for a second (secondary second? that’s weird). At corner, Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot. At safety, Sean Taylor, LaRon Landry and Pierson Prioleau.

Springs is a two-time pro-bowler with 27 career interceptions. He doesn’t have one yet this year, Brady beware.

Rogers was one the team’s 1st round picks in 2005 (along with fellow Auburn teammate Jason Campbell). He started 15 games last year and knocked down 16 passes.

Smoot is a well travelled veteran and say what you will about the “love boat” scandal in Minnesota, he can cover. He’s got 19 career interceptions.

Taylor’s got all the physical attributes I dreamed of having as a young safety. He’s only in his fourth season and already he’s left an indelible mark on the NFL. Trimmed down to 212 lbs. this season, Taylor looks quicker and has five interceptions on the year.

Landry was the team’s first round pick in 2007. He was a four-year starter at LSU and helped win the 2003 national championship. He’s started every game for the Redskins this season and is third on the team in tackles.

Prioleau is an experienced player with 44 career starts under his belt over his nine years in the league.

No other team in the NFL can put a secondary on the field as talented as this one. If Laurence Maroney is out again I believe the Redskins will be able to stop the run with six in the box and play tight coverage on the outside. Taylor might be one of the few players in the league who can challenge Randy Moss on those jump-balls Tom Brady throws so often. If they can force a turnover or two and give their offense good field position, there is no reason why the Redskins can’t win this game.

Yes the Redskins nearly threw a game away against the hapless Arizona Cardinals last week but perhaps they were caught looking ahead. The Cardinals do have some talent on the offensive side of the ball.

Washington will have to play like pro-bowlers at every position this week, but if they’re healthy and Maroney isn’t, then they’ll shock the world … and Tony Kornheiser.

Prediction: Redskins 23 – Patriots 21

I’m not drinking the cool-aid, I’m making it.


6 Responses

  1. Man that must be some fine crack you are smoking I’d sure like to get me some.

    The problem the skins have is that while they may have the best secondary in the league, they have one of the worst offenses vs one of the best defenses.. It’s going to be 3 and out all day, and Brady will be getting the ball a lot on a short field.

    Pats 38-14 (and the 14 may well be defensive scores).

  2. I agree, with one catch…….

    If portis is still hurting than the skins don’t stand a chance……I don’t know if anyone has noticed but S. MOSS has played horrible all season……

    I see the trend continuing

    pats 31
    Skins 16

    ~Depressed Skins fan

  3. PS I drafted brady on my fantasy team.

    Is it a sin to wish him well……lol

  4. I have a feeling once Santana gets healthy he’ll be producing and really start clicking with Campbell. That’ll open up the running game more for Portis (assuming he can stay healthy).
    You’d better not be wishing Brady well, Just hope the rest of your fantasy team can carry the load.

  5. 52-7…Enough said

  6. thanks cam, i really needed the reminder

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