T-Mill On Shelf with Pulled Hammy

The Sports Corner had been fairly lucky with injuries for a good part of the sports season, but on Monday night, that quickly changed.

Thomas Miller, who ranks fourth in the Sports Corner articles with 20 articles in just over one month and first on the team with college football articles, injured his hamstring in a recreational basketball game on Monday night.

“Right now, T-Mill will be out 4-6 weeks with a lower body injury,” said Hosea Cheung. “It’s a big loss to our team so the other guys [Cam Tucker and Scott McKenzie] and I are going to have to step up and fill that role.”

The injury occurred when Miller tried to pivot during the game, but said his leg just seemed to stay stationary which caused the injury.

I am so high right now on ibuprofen,” said Miller. “It’s a frustrating thing to happen because it was a meaningless game and I don’t like just sitting here like this.”

So far this season, TSC has written over 120 posts, according to the blog stats page, and T-Mill has accounted for 20 per cent of those articles, most of which pertain to college football, something that the other three do not have much experience in.

“He’s a big factor for our team,” said Tucker. “He knows his college football at least 100 times more than anyone else and he has written some really good articles that got our site a lot of hits and comment.”

“Guys are just going to have to step up, myself included,” McKenize said.

So far, TSC is one of the fastest growing blog sites on the WordPress network and has become a mainstay for all sports-lovers to visit and get a dose of sports reality.

Despite the injury, the three other Sports Corner superstars remain positive that they can fill in for injured college football writer.

(Actually, he’s still able to write because he’s a trooper, but don’t expect 100 per cent writing)


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  1. excellent coverage!

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