Top 10 Hockey Clichés

Ever flipped on the television to look for the hockey highlights and watched a post-game interview or an interview before a big game?

If you have, you’ve probably noticed one annoying constant in about 98% of the interviews that hockey players take part in.

Clichés. Oh those annoying little sound-bits that are so plain and boring, they make Sunday dinner at your grandma’s house seem like a roller-coaster ride. Those annoying sound-bits that get used so many times they make The Police sound tolerable.

So, to honour those annoying sayings, the TSC decided to list the Top 10 Hockey Clichés:

10. We just got to get pucks in deep and get in on the forecheck and get pucks at the net
9. We just need to get more shots and get traffic in front of the net
8. We need to play a full 60 minutes
7. We just got to take it one shift at a time
6. We just got to give it 110% every shift
5. I got to play my game and do everything within my control
4. I know I’m struggling, but I just got to keep working hard and hopefully things start going my way
3. We have to play our game and play to our strengths and we should be okay
2. Upper/lower body injury
1. We just didn’t get the bounces

Okay, so those weren’t in any particular order, but after hearing them day-in and day-out, boy do they really get annoying. If you have anymore that we missed, feel free to add you’re own.


7 Responses

  1. Theoretically number 2 isn’t going to take place long-term anymore. They have to give some sort of accurate report within the day or something.

    As for the others, I’ve definitely heard enough of them — although, to be honest, most of them also have a grain of truth contained within. It’s hard to argue that working hard, playing consistent hockey, and getting a few lucky bounces isn’t going to get you a few wins! 😛

  2. Come playoff time, rule or not, you’re still going to hear number two, haha.

    Hosea C

  3. I think if you watch post-game interviews, you might be able to get all 10 in one question…

  4. It is Soccer. Not the many Aussi Football’s Game

  5. It’s all about the two points.

  6. What’s wrong with the Police?

    “We need to score early, establish our forecheck, and stay out of the penalty box.”

    “What’s been the key to your recent power play success?” “We’ve really tried to keep it simple.”

    “Tell us about your opponents tonight.” “Well, they’re a hard-working team.”

    “With (superstar) out, some of us will really have to step up.”

    “We didn’t play well, but we got the win and that’s all that matters.” (Like your coach won’t chew you out for not playing well?)

    “We can’t worry about this loss. We just gotta focus on our next game.” (Surely knowing why you lost will help you win your next game?)

    “It’s not how you start the season. It’s how you finish.” (But if you start out well, your season’s not on the line at the end).

  7. […] I speak not pejoratively, I speak of the beloved hockey cliche. Below are a few I culled from the sports corner. […]

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