TSC World Series Predictions

It’s here. The baseball world has been waiting for this all season long. It’s World Series time.

Colorado has been perfect so far this offseason, whereas Boston is on a role after coming back from a 3-1 series deficit. Which team will prevail as baseball’s champion?

We at TSC are going to provide our readers with our very own predictions as to which team we think will take home the World Series trophy, and which player we think will win the MVP award:

Boston Red Sox

vs. Colorado Rockies

Cam’s Pick:

Boston Red Sox – No disrespect to the Colorado Rockies, because in each of their series victories over Philadelphia and Arizona, I did not choose them to win and the World Series is no exception. This will be an exciting series that has a scrappy and explosive offence in Boston against a capable and exciting defence in Colorado. However, this series will come down to experience and pitching. Other than Jeff Francis, Colorado’s pitching staff is capable of allowing the Red Sox offence to get on a role. Boston’s pitching is slightly better and more proven that Colorado’s staff. This will be a close series between two red-hot ball clubs and there will be intrigue with every inning, but in the end, the big guys for the Red Sox and a capable pitching staff will beat out the inexperience of the Rockies’ ball club.

MVP Choice – Josh Beckett will be the World Series MVP when the Red Sox are crowned as champions. He has been the best pitcher in the playoffs and a combination of velocity and the ability to change speeds and keep hitters

Hosea’s Pick:

Colorado Rockies – This is the classic showdown between Offence versus Defence. The hitters, being the Boston Red Sox, and the fielders, being the Colorado Rockies, will battle for baseball glory. Let’s start with the Red Sox. They were down 3-1 in the series to Cleveland when their offence lit up to hit 30 runs in three games. So far this playoffs, their batting average is .304. Not to mention that Ortiz and Ramirez weren’t hitting at their best during the comeback games, which means that the runs are coming from the supporting cast. Now that’s scary. Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, J.D. Drew and Jason Varitek are just a few names when it comes to this all-round big batting BoSox team. Basically, to put it into perspective, the Boston batters are about as stoppable as their city counterparts New England Patriots’ offense.

As for Colorado, their main style is defence. They have no holes on the field. When in comes to the infielders, Tulowitzki leads the charge with an incredible reach and a cannon arm. This rookie is surrounded by strong basemen as well, in 2B Kazuo Matsu, 1B Todd Helton, 3B Garrett Atkins, and C Yorvit Torrealba. A big reason for their success is also due to the strong play of their outfielders, as Holliday, Taveras, and Hawpe closes the gaps. It’s time for Colorado to put the league’s best defensive unit to the test in the biggest stage of them all. Honestly, the best way for Boston to beat this defensive group is to hit it out of the park, and that also might be a difficult feat. Rockies pitching right now is unbelievable with a team ERA of 2.08, yes you heard it right. Led by B.C.’s own Jeff Francis, the pitching is a big reason for their impressive hot streak so far. The starters are winning and the bullpen is throwing like saviours, but the one thing they lack – compared to Boston – is experience.

The Red Sox might have a slight upperhand in this department because they can say they’ve “been there, done that”. The ALCS MVP Josh Beckett leads Boston starters and the rotation is pretty threatening. Here are a few names, Curt Shilling and Dice-K. Oh, and they have great help when it comes to relief, as Papelbon, Gagne, and Okajima are just a few of the bigger names. The Rockies, who I wouldn’t say are the best hitters, will have their handful against this throwing squad.

But for me, I think momentum will prevail as it seems like nothing can stop this Colorado team. It’s a first for them to be in the World Series, and hopefully it’ll be their first time winning it as well. Experience and offence goes to Boston, but defense and desire goes to Colorado. It’s going to be one exciting series, that’s for sure.

MVP Choice – If Colorado wins, it’s going to go to Matt Holliday or Jeff Francis. The leader of this team throughout the season, Holliday, is going to have to play even better this World Series. As for Francis, he’s the leader of the bullpen and the young pitcher will definitely be tested against the big Boston hitters.

Miller’s Pick:

Boston Red Sox – I wonder how much of a home-field advantage the Rockies will actually have. The online-ticket sales went well (after a minor scuffle with supposed hackers) but how many of those who bought tickets were Red Sox fans? At a game in Seattle in I attended in August, Red Sox fans were numerous and far louder than those cheering on the Mariners. I expect much of the same in Colorado despite the rabid appreciation for the young Rockies. This lack of home-field advantage that has given the Rox such a lift in the last month is going to be what puts Boston over the top.

The nine game layoff the Rockies have endured won’t be as much a problem as some think. Unlike say, football, you don’t loose the physical aspect of the game after such a long layoff. They should be rested and ready to go.The Red Sox pitching outside of Beckett has been suspect and either Papi or Youkilis will have to sit out games 3 through 5 due to the DH rule. Not that it matters. The Sox will still be able to overpower the Rockies and finish the series in six games.

MVP Choice – Josh Beckett, and rightfully so. He’s dominated the playoffs at every chance.

If the Rockies pull the upset then it will be because of soon to be named NL MVP Matt Holliday and he will pick up World Series award as well.

There you go. Two for Boston and one for Colorado.

But if we get our way, it’ll hopefully be one exciting series to watch.

Game one goes tonight, signaling the start for the crowning of the 2007 World Series Champion.


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  1. Wow learn how to spell it is defense and offense not defence or offence…and you are posted on this site…spellcheck anyone???

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