Thoughts of the Day

Yesterday was the first day in the existence of TSC that we went post-less. We apologize, but we were busy – mostly covering our school’s soccer provincials, where they took home the bronze medal. We even got to see a small donnybrook, nice to see in a soccer game.

Here are some thoughts from the past few days of the wonderful world of sports:

  • The New England Patriots are ridiculous. Ridiculously good. Nineteen years into my life and this is the best football team I’ve ever seen. Scratch that. Best sports team I’ve ever seen. So I’ve decided to put aside my hate for them and just watch some brilliant football as they continue to dominate teams and shut up the “analysts” who say that they might lose this week.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals should think about hiring a defence. That, or take notes from Prison Break to get their old defence back. Part ways with Chad Johnson? Seriously, Ocho Cinqo is the least of their problems. For god’s sake he’s having a better season than last year. So what if he’s having a dispute from Carson Palmer? Let them work it out and start getting ready for next season.
  • Tonight you will see what the Canucks are all about. Well, you’ll have to pay to see it. They’ve had a couple of solid outings, but have yet to do it in consecutive games. They looked good against Washington, but that’s Washington. This is Detroit(/sparta). Oh, and it’s on pay-per-view.
  • I like headshots. What’s the most exciting part of a game? A goal, big save, a fight and a big hit.
  • Speaking of fights, anyone complaining about the surplus amount of brouhaha’s this season? Didn’t think so.
  • I really don’t know who to cheer for when the NBA starts up Tuesday. The Celtics look amazing, the Lakers will be fun to watch but will still be bad, Cleveland has one player (and three unsigned key players), and Houston’s got the Franchise back. Celtics in 6 over Houston in the finals.
  • Greg Zaunn looks funny with slicked back hair.
  • I was called stupid when I picked the BoSox in four. Doesn’t look so stupid anymore.

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