BoSox Take World Series

Red SoxIt’s safe to say that the “Curse of the Bambino” has been officially lifted and we are never going to hear of it again.

That’s because on Sunday night, the Boston Red Sox won their second World Series in the last five years, defeating the Colorado Rockies 4-3 and sweeping the championship, four games to none.

Give the Rockies credit for what they did to get into the World Series, but in the end, the Red Sox were just a step ahead of their much younger and inexperienced opponents from Denver.

Up and down the line up, the Red Sox dominated the entire post-season, slipping up against the Cleveland Indians before clawing back from a 3-1 deficit and outscoring the Indians 30-5 in the last three games of that American League Championship Series.

The BoSox starting pitchers, especially Josh Beckett, was overpowering, as well as deceptive and were able to keep the big guns for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, for the most part the Cleveland Indians and the Colorado Rockies off balance during the clutch situations. When you combine unbeatable pitching with a gritty and powerful offence, chances are you’re going to win.

The Red Sox were just that team. In game three of the World Series, after Colorado’s Matt Holliday scorched a three-run homer over centerfield in the seventh inning to make it a 6-5 game, the pitching for the Red Sox came through when it mattered and the offence for Boston put up three runs in the eighth inning and another in the ninth to ultimately solidify a championship one game prematurely.

Good pitching set up good hitting and over the four-game sweep, that was the story. The Rockies simply couldn’t match up to what Boston was doing on both sides of the ball.

Mike Lowell JD DrewNow, as for Mike Lowell being named the World Series Most Valuable Player …

Good for him. In game four of the series, Lowell hit one home run and one double, scored twice and played third base without flaw. His performance in game four was enough to solidify him as the MVP, but not many maybe aware that he was also included in the trade from Florida that brought the Red Sox playoff ace, Beckett, to Boston.

It was predicted by most within the baseball world that Beckett would be named World Series MVP if the BoSox won the title of world’s best, and had this series been taken to a fifth game and won by the Red Sox, than perhaps he would have been named the MVP.

None the less, Lowell is 100 per cent deserving of his title. The stats speak for themselves. He hit .400 (6-15) and knocked in four runs, while scoring six times, including a lead off home run in the top of the seventh inning in the final game.

But up and down the line up, the Red Sox were the better team. Their offence simply overpowered the Rockies pitching, including North Delta’s pride and joy Jeff Francis and the BoSox pitching, from Beckett to closer Jonathon Papelbon, was way too much for Colorado hitters to handle.

Good for the Rockies for making it as far as they did, the odds of them making it to the World Series with just 14 games left in the regular season were 1 in over 200,000.

Congratulations to the Red Sox for a dominating and as close to perfect performance as possible.


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  1. I don’t follow baseball much, but it strikes me as amusing just how much the Denver situation parallels the Senators’ loss to the Ducks last year. That should make an okay post on Fastest Game 🙂 !

  2. […] Sports Corner posted on the fact that the Boston Red Sox emerged as World Series champs for the second time in a very short span last night. As they say, it would appear that the bad […]

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